Thursday, January 27, 2011

An Update

We've had a few successful days in a row. Pleasant attitudes, joyful play and genuine conversation with both. Yesterday they kept saying,  we've been good all day can't we go to prayer meeting? 

I was like, I don't know... I was worrying about the effects on the next day.

I said to Steve, "But what if we have screaming tomorrow because they are in bed late?"

He replied, " well, then we have screaming, but I think they deserve to go since they've been really good the last couple of days".

So we went and they got to bed late and this morning was dicey, and we had to "redo" a few times, and endured one lost temper over making a bed, but they managed to make it to breakfast only a few minutes late. The stakes are high as they have known that Christina is babysitting Jared and Joyanna this afternoon and if there is a whole lot of trouble here she'll go to their house, but if the twins are sweet and happy the kids will come here to play.

There was a funeral at Valley View yesterday and Vanessa and Christina were asked to provide music, however Vanessa came down with a terrible flue and was sick enough that she came home from school after her first class. We called Ellie and she filled in.  Steve stayed home with the kids and took them to their therapy. I then took Christina shopping. She's been raiding closets every day... one rarely sees her in her own clothes, it finally dawned on me that there might be a reason for that.  Unfortunately, we didn't find much worth wearing for her age and size. It might be time to get the sewing machine out... but who has time for that?

The dog is missing. Has been all night. She rarely wanders, but when she does she can't find her way back. Old age stinks like that.

Steve and I are planning a get-away! He has some CE's to do in yonder big city and  I've arranged child care with a couple at church who do respite foster-care. It just happens that our dates mesh perfectly with her days off work. Her two grandkids live right there, too - so the twins will have fun with Grace and Peyton. I'm trying to prepare them and they are excited. I'm making up little gluten-free meals to put in the freezer to make it easier on Sheri. Last night I made lasagna and put part of it in the freezer.

We are missing Bri.


GB's Mom said...

I am excited! A break for you!

Sean and Lisa said...

Woo Hoo to time away! So glad the twins are doing better. After all the hard days, it makes the good days soooo much sweeter!
Much love!

Mama in Uganda said...

Thank you Jesus for these sweet moments.

May the Lord continue to fill you with all wisdom and understanding.

Blessings and love,