Monday, January 10, 2011

School Yesterday

Buster is doing well with his new reading program.

I bought the first unit of Rod and Staff because I was frustrated with what I had and I knew I had taught two kids to read with R&S .

He is enjoying it.

He is doing very, very well with it, actually

and he rarely makes a mistake.

BUT that was before yesterday. He had one page of stuff left to do and I got a call asking if I could go to the church and help the gals stain 15 doors. 

I told Buster that since he was nearly done his school he could go with me.


He got overly excited. Decided he didn't want to finish and proceeded to do everything WRONG on purpose. He was requiring a ton of help and crying and carrying on. It was nuts.

Finally - I said, "Look, you never make mistakes in this book. You know how to do this. You either get it done, and done right, or I leave without you."

And I walked away.

He panicked and cried, but somehow suddenly he remembered how to do it perfectly.

End of story.


GB's Mom said...

It is amazing!

Mama in Uganda said...

I have one just like this.

He missed lunch a few days ago because he spent a good hour pretending that he did not know how to do his simple reading review worksheets. After much discipline and rebuke, he suddenly completed his worksheets in record time, and perfectly too.

Mama then gave him three verses from the Word to re-write, all concerning a liar and his fate.

Hang in there Mama.


Magdalena said...

I usually don't live comments but I've wanted to tell you something for some time. My husbund and me are your family tru funs.We met your father when he was here at our camp meeting in Poland and we became friends. So this way i found a way to your blog..So I 've been following your blog for a while and reading what you write and others I can clearly see the difference. This what you do and say sounds so well and healthy! it is unique. I mean people usually don;t think in a healthy way because they don't know this too. I am just learning...I wish that soon I will learn those things that come to you probably nautrally. I really appreciate your blog. Write more. For me it is like school. I love school ( I am a teacher)Magdalena