Friday, January 28, 2011

The Muffins

Turned out perfect!

Gluten free and all.

The photography,

not so much,

but hey, we don't eat pictures. Missy helped me all afternoon with the baking and cooking .She was as sweet as could be. It was kind of odd after she had been so edgy and so easily set off. After a particularly rough spot I called her to me and gave her a dress I had picked up at Goodwill. It made her day. She got all dressed up and after that she was my best helper. She even managed to dump an entire pan of muffins upside down on the floor before putting them in the oven. I laughed and scooped them up quick, but she couldn't stop saying she was sorry. However, when I dumped a box of cornstarch all over she loudly proclaimed what mess maker I was. I suppose you could say my mess was bigger than hers... hers had more at stake, but the muffins turned out anyways.

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