Friday, January 28, 2011

Fun with Friends

Jared and Joyanna did indeed come to play. It really pushes the twins into new territory. Their friends wanted to play hide-and-seek in the dark.  Joyanna even admitted that it's "kind scary!" but apparently for her it's a fun kind of scary.  The twins wanted so bad to do it they braved their fears. Buster needed constant verbal encouragement. He did so much better when it wasn't Christina that was hiding since then he could tag along with her.

The twins had to go to bed before their friends left and Missy struggled inside but didn't make a scene. She wants them to come back.

This morning Buster beat the clock by half an hour. He was prompt and happy and made his bed without a fit. I rewarded him with treats. Missy pushes the limit. Breakfast is over at 8:30 she always shows up about 5 -10 minutes late. She gets a bowl of the basics, the fun stuff is for those who are prompt. She missed out on raspberry bars and last nights left-over popcorn. If I didn't give her something the kid would starve to death. She just is stubborn like that. It was all very calculated this morning. I pretty much ignored the antics. I have even learned to move the rear-view mirror in the car so that I can't see her and she can't see me. It makes for a lot less attention getting behaviors. Her favorite, of course, is to hang her tongue out to the bottom of her chin. Really she doesn't do that anymore - only for attention. Used to be hanging out always for lack of muscle tone and habit. If I remind her to keep her lips closed as the speech therapists want me to she then uses it to her advantage as a way of control. Poor kid. Can't imagine always having to be on the lookout for ways to push the limits with authority.

The dog is back. We found her wandering and disoriented yesterday. She slept like a log all morning. Then someone started shooting somewhere and she took off. We were searching for her as late as 10:30 last night, but lo and behold she found her way home at 1:30 A.M.. For a dog who doesn't bark much, she welcomed herself home loud and clear and Steve locked her in the garage. She's terrified of gunfire and we don't know why.