Wednesday, January 19, 2011


The twins are at the school for pt, ot and speech.

They took a few of their traced pictures to show off. They are getting good at it and they have lots of time to practice in their lovely little corner. They were 15 minutes late. The attitudes wax and wane in strength... but they couldn't just walk from the door to the car and buckle up, or at least one of them couldn't. She took a very circuitous route with many delays and adventures so that when I arrived and buckled she was not in her seat.

I'm at home all alone - save Christina who is doing math out on the swing by the barn in the grand sunshine. In thirty minutes of silence I managed get gluten free bread started in the bread machine, gluten free brownies in the oven, split peas in the crock pot, pearled barley in on the stove top (- oops! I forgot barley is not gluten free, so) I put oat groats in the rice cooker since I am out of brown rice and I have time to work on the laundry. Think I have enough appliances? I could really get into cooking if I didn't have kids... okay, but who would eat it?

I bought two cookbooks on Amazon. The Flying Apron's Gluten-Free and Vegan Baking Book and The Virtuous Vegan - Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free Cuisine. I'm ready to sit down with a cookbook... It's just not the same cooking off the internet!


andreawilliams said...

Do you have a GF cookbook?? Ahh, alone sounds great! I just ran across your blog and loved it. Hope that your day ended up staying great.

Anonymous said...

Barely, I think is barley. Just thought you might like to know. Your dad

Siblings Inc. said...

Ahhh, gluten free cooking... Wonderful and terrible all at once. ;) It's fun though. And yes, barley does contain gluten...