Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Floor Time

The two partners in crime are no longer screaming.

The children each have a bare corner of the room on the floor.

My headache is not unbearable, but my eyeballs are on fire and I am fuzzy headed.

 Today is so different from yesterday. The blue sky and sunshine and chinook winds are gone, replaced by grey and dead leaves and cold.


Karen said...

Sorry that you have had a bad day.... I understand. The will is so tough.... we have it here. When will they learn to let go?? We are all in for a long fight~ I love that you hold your ground with the twins.

Thank you for blogging about all this... your blog is the first one I check in the morning. It really helps me feel less alone in the struggles.

Praying for you that tomorrow will be better~

Holly said...

Oh, precious friend. Hang in there. Abide in Him.

My Strength and Song said...

A house full of three coughing kids with the flu probably sounds like a picnic compared with the tantrums. Not sure I'd readily trade, but makes a blog entry of snow and flue seem dull! Will pray for you to feel better. They are making such progress. Missy really is onto something from the childrens story. Keep up the consistence. I'm learning things!
Blessings! They are brands pluck from the fire!!

Kelly said...

Tomorrow is another day!! Hope it's better.