Friday, January 21, 2011

The Ultimatum

I said, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday you CHOSE not to obey. Today is Friday. One scream, one disobedience, one lie, one disrespect, or one ugly frowning look at me and you will be in bed by the time our company arrives for supper tonight.

Yes, mom, I will obey!

So far, so good. They have done their lights without a fight. I then said, Okay, it's time to get everything else done before breakfast closes at 8:30 (or they sometimes drag it on until noon). Missy immediately tried to engage me and have me tell her what to do as if she hadn't a clue in the world.

Sorry kiddo, my lips are sealed.

But why?


Brother, a whole week of trying to get this point across and she still would play dumb.

I'm praying very hard for balance. I am disconnected from the behavior because otherwise it's too much, but at the same time trying NOT to disconnect from the kid. I try to tell them good job and I like what I see when I can, and give hugs and hold them on my lap and try not to block out their conversations when they are not intended to control me, but honestly, this week has been incredibly intense and it would be easiest to just write them off and block them out completely.


Mama in Uganda said...

Sorry Mama.

I have been there.

It is so, so very hard!



GB's Mom said...

You are doing an awesome job!

Kelly said...

Amen sister. Me too. But we both know we can't and it would come back to bite us if we did. So...we trudge on. I stood my ground yesterday as well and got a great response. I explained to Jackson that he WILL respect me. period. After all, I am the parent. That should mean SOMETHING, right?

Elyssa said...

How difficult it must be, I can only imagine! But don't be discouraged, God will reward your efforts and you are doing a marvelous work!