Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Flying* Apron*

Sometimes you just need a new focus.

I've spent more than an hour reading my new gluten free cookbooks since they have arrived the other day. It was time to tackle one of the bread recipes in the Flying* Apron*. Missy was calmly surveying her life from her time-out corner by the window, while Buster worked on his phonics worksheet.

I'm quite aware that gluten free bread cannot ever be just exactly the same as bread with gluten in it,
but I had high hopes,
after all, the picture in the book looks good enough to eat...

Well, doesn't it?

The girls and I had made sure we had all the ingredients the night before, 
but when we found out it takes 2 hours to bake the bread we opted to wait until morning.
 So here's my fancy loaf going into the oven.

An hour later it's really looking like an 'artisan' specialty crafted in some 
European bakery somewhere.

Yet another hour later,
we have the final product:
Okay, so there's nothing fluffy about it.
This is the
staff of life 
 ~ victuals of sustenance ~ of major substance~ . 

Now for the real test:

"Wow, Mom, that's the best gluten free bread, yet! It has wonderful flavor."

Me thinks it passed... just hoping there's some left for Steve to taste when he gets home from work.


~marci~ said...

I have not found a gluten free bread recipe that works for me yet. Every recipe I have tried has been a failure. I think it has to do with sea level and weather. I found a good expensive frozen bread that I use...sparingly...
Glad you have discovered something that works for you.

Beth Ana said...

THat really looks good. I have been working with G.F. bread and I getting it to work. but the first time I made it it didn't look as good as yours!

~Beth Ana

Mama in Uganda said...


I ate gluten free for years.

I would love to share a few recipes with you.

I never made yeast breads, however, just quick breads, cakes and muffins.


P.S. I have been praying for you, a lot :-)

momof4boys said...

Ok. Share the recipe, Please. We don't have to do gluten free here but I have soooo many friends here that I am always trying to feed and they can't eat gluten. I need the recipe for before this next Thursday.