Friday, June 29, 2012

Home Again!! And Blog...

We are back from our little escapade in the wilderness of Idaho....  With my Brother Jason, his wife, Antionette and their three beautiful girls, Twalisa, Emily and Shiloh visiting us all the way from Africa!!! My mom is here, too. We have some cool pictures from our canoeing and I'll post them sometime, but for now, I have company :-)

I will introduce you to a new BLOG. Uncle John is telling his life story and testimony of God's hand in his life. Do start with the first post. So far, there are three.  My Life As It Is

Thursday, June 21, 2012


I had one last night to pray over the little Duckling
as I rocked him in the brown rocker during those last couple of feedings 
before handing him over 
to his mommy this morning
I prayed for every aspect of his life
that I could think of.

Knowing full well,
the Father loves him more than I do -
more than his mommy and daddy does...
And I wondered what difference did we make?

He won't remember these past nights in the rocker.
He won't remember anything
of what we'll always remember.

 We gave him all our love
and all the tender care
God gave us to share.

Will our prayers follow him
and preserve him forever?

We'll sure miss the little man,
we are so excited
that he gets to go be with his mom.

May God go with you
and hold you in the palm of His hand,
you sweet baby boy!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Beyond Superficial

She's learning to express her feelings a wee bit beyond her usual, 
"I don't want to!" or 
"Because I want to!" &
"I love/hate you!"

Truly that was the extent of her feelings language repertoire.

We are delighted to hear her express herself more,
but we certainly get a chuckle out of her statements that get turned around.

Like this week on the way home from camping for 4 nights she sighed and announced:
"Mom, my bed sure missed me!"

My husband and I are at a loss as to how to help the kids process the big experiences
such as their visit with their biological mother.
How do you even bring it up
when you know they don't have the language to even begin to express or understand their feelings?
They have nothing to say about it AT.ALL.
and so
we are left to "create and direct and make up" the entire conversation
with no input whatsoever from the child.
(Except what James thinks you want to hear.)
Or we skip the conversation altogether because there is no point
and they are likely to just shut down altogether.
We cannot know how they are dealing with things...
and it leaves one believing they are not dealing with it at all.
They are just living from moment to moment
their little hearts hardened against most deep feelings.

As they have slowly been learning self-control and losing their anger they don't even
have that to express so much anymore.
Which is GOOD!! don't get me wrong,
and it is replaced by a happy face
but that's all we know.

 Did the visit mean anything to them?
I don't know.
And they would tell you they don't know either.

It meant something to their First mom
and we do it for her
but it might mean something to the kids that we did this years down the road?
They won't have to wonder who she is, 
and if she loves them, and if life would have been perfect with her?

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

But the One Little Duck with the Feather on His Back....

He led the others with a quack, quack, quack!
We have a few less quackers around here...
We found homes for the ten ducklings.
That is an amazing feat considering we didn't just find them homes,
we found perfect little duck heavens with large ponds and all that a duck could wish for.

And wouldn't you know it,
Nina and Clickety-Clack 
are at it again.
Another dozen ducklings will be showing up any day now.

When the ducklings were small
the gander became quite possessive of them... 
It appeared to us that he was just a willing babysitter, 
but it came to a point where parents had to abandon them.

Later the goslings hatched and the drake thought to take revenge...
It's a life and death matter out there on our three foot pond.

Anybody for a gosling, 
or three??

We're thinning out the flocks.

James' hens are transforming into beautiful birds...
He may have to share the wealth
when he starts selling eggs...
seems to me a lot of other people are "helping" with the chores lately.

Partly because he's still not too sure of the goose.

and partly because he hasn't learned to appreciate a job well done
quite yet.

We'll keep working on it
'cause that's the point of this whole effort.
The little bitty human baby we call the Duckling
will likely be going home to mommy
on Friday.
The hearing is tomorrow
and nearly everyone is in agreement with the move
except the CASA and so it is a contested hearing for whatever reason.
Mom has met ALL the conditions,
and has made an enormous change in her life.
I personally don't see how they could keep her baby from her,
especially since she is not alone,
but has a great support system in her residence prepared to handle this very situation.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Home * Yearly Visit * Fostercare Roller Coaster * Swimming

We are home. We were blessed.

Me and the little Duckling

We were not able to get respite for campmeeting for the little ones. With our trip starting on a weekday and the fact that the babies are not in daycare limits who is able to take them for respite. The parents were more comfortable with us taking the kids with us than sending them off to someone they don't know, and frankly, so were we. The social worker thought it would be easier on us to have respite, but they couldn't find it.

The girl with the sunburned eyes...

Camping with this many kids is a hoot... takes a lot of organization. See we had Mary and her kids with us, too. We had the perfect campsite right beside the main meeting tent and I could tend to the babies and hear the programs without ever leaving our spot. I would say I didn't get quite as much out of it as I would have without the babies, but I had a ton of help. Lots of people would swoop in and take one or the other and give a bottle or rock them or run after the Buddy. The Buddy would live outside if he could. He had a grand time. Nights are not so easy with waking every three hours to feed the little Duckling. We got a system going with a thermos and stuff and it wasn't too bad. We enjoyed the fellowship immensely and counting ourselves we fed over 35 people at our tent on Sabbath for lunch. Then we had a different bunch for supper. What would we do without the all-time favorite SDA potluck menu??!! Haystacks are amazing!

preparing our meal

While we were away we took the twins to meet with their biological mother at the park for their once a year visit. It went fine, but it wasn't the easiest. James was aloof and very much scripted. He said the right things at the right time and cooperated to a T. There was no emotion visible. He did what he was suppose to and said what he thought he was suppose to say and he was just as happy to get back to campmeeting and his class when it was over.  Missy was giddy, then anxious, then clingy, then miserable and uncooperative, and greedy and confused. The bio mom needed lots of assuring that the visit was going fine and she talked a lot and took a ton of pictures. She is the adult version of Missy and was  anxious and needed reassuring.... Missy hugged and cuddled and was doted on. James would have none of that.

at the park

Steve put his back out big time. He's totally incapacitated in bed on ice.

Last night was the hardest yet with the Duckling. He was having major tummy troubles.

The fostercare roller coaster took on a surprising turn. The Duckling is likely going back with mom this week. The hearing is Wednesday, but I'll have some sort of schedule tomorrow. The mom is requesting both her babies back, of course, but I think they will return one at a time. DSHS is not recommending that the Buddy go quite yet. I am off to wash up all the baby things and get the Duck's clothes organized in sizes and hopefully they will have a nice practical layette of sizes up to 9 months or so. People have showered us with baby clothes and since I don't know what the next foster child will need I would like to give the mom what I have that the Duckling will use for awhile.

I'm really happy that the family is doing so well. We'll miss the little chap.... but then, sleep, oh sleep!!! How I have missed you!!

The girls are home for their first official summer day. So nice to have help. I made up a huge list of things that must be done around here.... By 2 AM this morning I was discouraged that I was still not asleep and all my projects loomed larger than life. The night always seems to magnifies things. The girls are pulling up the slack as best they can. I doubt we'll get everything done I was hoping before our company arrives, though. It's just impossible with Steve flat on his back and no sleep for me.

The twins did fine away from home, but then we came home....James has taken everything in stride. Missy not so much. She tantrum-ed royally yesterday while we were cleaning out the van and putting away all the camping gear and food. Everyone was pitching in nicely except her and she was quite disrespectful and refused to help. Steve pulled her aside and talked quietly with her about working as a family and  I laid down the law. The pool is open, but if she can't be respectful and helpful and obedient she would miss swimming.

Well, she missed swimming.

She completely lost her cool over fetching the trash can. The girls took James to the pool. I held Missy on my lap then had her take a little nap on the couch beside me. After her display of fireworks and anger she turned into a different kid. The rest of the day was wonderful. This morning she had to be reminded a few times that crabbing and yelling was not a respectable form of communication and the jury is out on whether she'll get to swim today or not. It will be a close call I think, but if she's at least trying I may reward that.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

His First


The little Duck gave me his very first genuine smile.

A precious gift after a very, very hard night.

Monday, June 11, 2012

The New Kid

We've added to the chaos.

She's six, she's sweet and she is happy to help. She's a breath of fresh air.... so lively and interested. Everything is exciting and an adventure.

And no, she's not a foster child. And we are not adopting her. She has parents. Actually they are both social workers. Vanessa is babysitting this summer instead of working the cherries or other job away from home. She wanted and she found a way to just be home.... well, when she isn't in Europe.(Guess who will pick up the slack while she's gone?)

Carissa comes with a little schedule of violin practice, reading in English and reading in Spanish, etc.. Sooo hoping it rubs off on some kids I know. :-)

Actually, James was greatly influenced by her today. They did the dishes together, and cleaned the kitchen. They washed lettuce and went on adventures outdoors. She's just so happy and James caught the spirit.

Missy had a longer day at school, but she was cheery with anticipation tonight. She has a violin recital tomorrow and she's playing a duet with Bri. We're still in the Twinkles... and might be forever, but she can do it. She can even stay on the melody when Bri plays harmony.

I met the little boys' mom today. She came right up and gave me a hug and thanked me over and over. She's doing well. It was so neat to see the whole family together. They are a beautiful looking family. Praying, praying for them. The Buddy saw his daddy coming and his eyes just lit up and he started giggling. So good to see that the ties are still strong. When it was time for me to take the babes away the little girl was the one who could not keep her composure. She pretended to have something in her eye, but it was definitely more than that. So heartbreaking. What a situation. But I believe they are going to pull it together and be a family once again.

The Buddy is talking more and more. He has some jibberish words, but they are pretty consistent. Every time I give him something he thanks me in his language. He signs the few signs we have taught him vigorously. Milk, more, all -done. All done is something he says with his lips, too; when he doesn't want to nap, when he wants out of the tub, when he wants out of his car seat, after sitting in church for less than 5 minutes, when he thinks prayers have been long enough!. Hilarious, really.

The girls are writing finals. Brianna was excited to find out there was no trigonometry final after all. Her final score is a hundred and some percent. How does that work?  As for Geography, she was bemoaning tonight that between now and Wednesday she must finally learn "all the places of the earth. And I sure wish I hadn't procrastinated." 

Vanessa is ready to throw in the towel and  ditch school. She's just a little tired. She was looking after an elderly couple this weekend (Talls) and the care has become much, much more involved. It's a lot for an 18 year old to manage alone.

Christina enjoyed the campout with the Abundant Life group. Even the rain.

My garden is  way behind. Baby takes up all my time.

For those who know us in real life: Our conference re-district our churches again. We no longer have our pastor and his wife. We are no longer sister church to Valley View.  We will be sister church to Abundant Life and share the Canfields. Steve guessed that would happen. I never saw it coming. It probably doesn't mean a whole lot of change for us... just that we won't see the Andersons regularly.

A Miracle Story

A long time ago, back when I aspired to be a nurse, I had this job at Wildwood Hospital as the "clinic nurse".  It cured me. Steve would be the nurse in the family. I would be the homemaker. It wore me thin... literally. I think I weighed 95lbs.  For the gal before me, though, it sealed her decision to become an RN and so as she transitioned out of the clinic to Southern University, I transitioned in to take her place. We had a lot of fun together as friends in those days, but the stress of the job became a burden and eventually I burned out big time.

April and I are now facebook friends. We live on the opposite ends of the continent and haven't seen each other in 20 years.

Fourteen months ago her beautiful 12 year old daughter woke up one morning with horrific muscle spasms in her back. It was a little weird and one of those baffling parenting days... but no one had any idea that it was more than a pulled muscle or something that could resolve itself in a few days. We chatted back and forth on fb over what to do to relieve Isabella's pain. Nothing her parents did worked.

Nothing could have prepared them for the journey for which they had just embarked. They didn't even know it was a journey.  The pain went from bad to worse to unbearable to incapacitating. Soon the child could not walk. To sit up was agony. The string of doctors and hospital stays began... and the medical community was baffled. After some months it was discovered she had a small benign tumor on one of her rib heads close to the spine. The surgery was scheduled with much anticipation of full recovery.

But alas.  Nothing changed. Her pain was as great as before and she was completely confined to her wheelchair. She could not so much as stand up.

Oh, how we prayed. Everyone who knew them, and even many who did not prayed for Isabella. Ministers came and laid their hands on her and prayed. She was anointed. Still the pain persisted. The girl grew thin and wistful, but she developed some coping skills.

Last week she was at a campmeeting. The ministers in the young people's tent felt great compassion for her and did the only thing they could, they gathered in a circle about her wheelchair and laid their hands on her and prayed earnestly for her recovery. Isabelle did not anticipate a change. She had been prayed for many times, but suddenly she felt what she thought was Jesus touch on her back. She felt like her back loosened... the pain was gone!! Shocked and overwhelmed she did not say a word. In fact, she did not say a word about it for a couple days. She did not want to draw attention to herself and prayed and asked the Lord what she should do. She felt she was to wait. Once home on Sunday evening she shared with her parents what had happened.

The next morning she got out of her bed and walked. Her legs were a  little wobbly from lack of use, but she was on her feet pain free.

As her mother says, they don't understand the reasons for the pain and trial of the last 14 months or God's timing in her healing, but they are grateful and thankful. We are all blessed to know that the prayers were heard and answered. We are rejoicing in the goodness of God.  He is in the business of miracles.

I know another 12 year old girl.... this one has blond hair, not black like Isabella, her name is Isabelle. I have the same burden of prayer for her as we did for Isabella. Her pain is unexplained and despite tests and hospital stays at Children's a week at a time there are yet no answers. She had a particularly discouraging week last week. Would you join me in praying for her?

Friday, June 8, 2012

Not by Sight

“We don't see things as they are, 
we see them as we are.”  

Anais Nin

But, oh, to see as GOD sees.
I read my cousin's blog post in which she declares she doesn't 
know if there really is a God because of all the calamity
that has befallen her and her little ones.
She asks how there could be a God who cares
since she has had to suffer so much.
Her husband, an elder in his church & preaching from the pulpit, 
was an unfaithful man
and destroyed her dignity.
Her oldest child is completely deaf.
Loneliness and lack of concern and caring from
the church she attempted to attend discouraged her.
Expecting support from Christians, relatives and friends
and not being offered the beacons of encouragement 
she was looking for disappointed her.
She, who had been a missionary, and trying to live right, etc...
was let down and felt forsaken,
and came to the conclusion 
that there must not be a God who cares.

I read her blog, but she doesn't read mine*
(*Understandably, I talk to myself way too much for most friends and relatives to even try to follow along with the blab on adoption and our nutty life - save a handful of die-hards. 
A high-five to you who still reads. You are amazing!)

However there are a few things I wish she would consider. 
not that she's asking for my take... I worry that if I should offer my view it would be discounted as judgmental. It happened recently with someone. I was slapped across the face(book) with the words; mean, judgmental and harsh, amongst other things..... Most of the time people just want you to validate their opinions. They are not interested in discussion - or so 
i am learning....

I wish she would consider...
 John 16:33
I have told you all this so that you may have peace in me. 
Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows. 
But take heart, because I have overcome the world."

God has not promised skies always blue,
joy without sorrow,
peace without pain.
He's promised us that there would be trials to refine and remake us. 
1Peter 1:7
The purpose of these troubles is to test your faith as fire tests how genuine gold is. Your faith is more precious than gold, and by passing the test, it gives praise, glory, and honor to God. This will happen when Jesus Christ appears again.
The fiery furnace of affliction is not a sign that there is no GOD,
but rather a more clear indication that He found in us something worth refining.
Job 23:10
But he knows the way that I take; when he has tested me, I will come forth as gold.
Christ, Himself, suffered much for our sakes...
The  entire chapter of Isaiah 53 is a haunting description of His suffering 
- He was despised and rejected of men,
a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief. 
The Son of God  suffered, far more than we ever will...
And if we are willing to share in His suffering we will one day share in His glory.
1Peter 4:13
But rejoice, inasmuch as you are partakers of Christ's sufferings; that, when his glory shall be revealed, you may be glad also with exceeding joy.
We need to KNOW HIM!

He is sufficient.
No one can fulfill your needs like Christ alone.
He is enough. 
What's more, He loves you with an everlasting love;
An unconditional, unlimited love.
It is human nature to look to someone with skin on for  support.
We were created to bond and bear each others' burdens,
but at times God allows those supports to be removed so we can learn to lean on HIM fully
and we discover how amazing the Heavenly Father is.
He is all we need. 
People are busy with their lives... the trials that beset one and all,
the burdens and the joyful responsibilities laid on their shoulders, keep them fully occupied.
More often than not, the person desiring the encouragement is expecting the friend to just know and  be aware of the pain. They suffer in silence,
or maintain a pretentious  flow of chipper twitter tweets, 
or worse, a steady tide of complaints that wear out the welcome. 
A simple statement of,
"I would appreciate your prayers" 
would alert a caring person to the need. 
Together then, they could reach out to the One who supplies our heartfelt needs.
We live in enemy territory. 
Bad things happen to good people. 
Horrible things happen to the innocent. 
It is difficult to understand
as the battle between good and evil wages on.
But we must not lose sight of the eternal realities unseen as yet to our finite eyes.
That great day is coming...
heaven's gates will open wide
and all who love the LORD
will enter in.
Matt 25:34
Come ye blessed of my Father,
inherit the Kingdom prepared for you.
 Rev 7:14
And he said to me, These are they which came out of great tribulation, and have washed their robes, and made them white in the blood of the Lamb.

It will be worth it all
when we see Jesus.

Forget Shopping!

I can't figure this out. I can't grocery shop with the two babies without nearly killing myself with exhaustion in the process. I suppose it didn't help that I got NO sleep last night, but Mister, maneuvering the isles with two is downright painful.

I could have had Christina's help, but then the twins would have had to come, too... That wouldn't have been a speck easier.

I was trying to remember how I did this with three kids eons ago and I decided I probably didn't. We had one car in those days. Grocery shopping was a family affair, and Steve was probably always with me.

Missy didn't go to school today. A friend, one of the teachers, called to tell me today was not about learning.... it was about root beer floats and movies. Thank you for the heads up on that. Missy can't have that much sugar, nor can she eat ice-cream with dairy in it, and she is MOST certainly better off without the movies. We don't have a TV here for a very good reason.

We're cancelling our Friday night Bible study and supper plans. My house is a wreck, Christina is leaving me to go camping with the Abundant Life church (in the pouring rain), Vanessa has piano juries later this afternoon, and Brianna is studying for her trigonometry finals. That leaves me with no extra hands to help with cooking and cleaning.

The little Duckling is really starting to get nice and round. He's much, much more alert, and he's wanting to eat ALL THE TIME! --Thus the lack of sleep. I was working really hard to hold him off till closer to the usual feeding time last night, but he was hungry, hungry, hungry.


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sleep Study ASAP!

As if to put an exclamation point on the end of that sleep study referral 
we came home from Children's Hospital
to one lousy night with Missy.
Thankfully, I only felt the aftermath, as my sleep is already fitful at best right now.
She woke up a BEAR and Vanessa let us in on the details of her 
very disturbed night.
Apparently, there was little sleep to be had and Missy got up
worse off then when she went to bed.
The morning routine was hard, hard, hard.
She refused to cooperate.
Her chores were a total struggle.
She did not come to breakfast.
She was late for school.
The ride to school was a misery and I was starting to grump right along with her
when suddenly,
James started to sing.
"Into my heart, into my heart,
come into my heart, Lord Jesus."

Thank you Lord for the moments when a little child
shall lead them.
I joined his song service.

Missy's  face never changed.

As I was brushing out her hair into pony tails in the school parking lot... (imagine!)
Missy surreptitiously allowed the shoulder of her jacket to slip off to reveal
  she hadn't really dressed...

she had no shirt on.

It's totally like her to try and trick me into thinking she's done her chores properly
when in fact she hasn't...
even if she must take the risk of ending up at school half naked.

I ordered her back in the car.

 She laughed.

She climbed in the car and and her spirits did a complete 180
and she sang to her heart's content along with James.
I sang, too, if only to keep my heart from falling out,
and to appear as though I was fine with driving back and forth
to school all day for no reason.
But I was bruised by the trick.
Perhaps she had more faith in me than I merited -
perhaps she thought I would be more vigilant and notice much sooner...?
Could she really mean for this to happen?

As we pulled up to the house I asked her what she thought she should do now.
She said she needed to get her shirt.
I asked what was next and she said we would drive back to the school once again.
Inwardly I rolled my eyes and thought, 
"Not on your life kiddo! You can enjoy the bench this morning."
However, I couldn't quite justify my spirit of revenge
and I did buckle up both babies once again
and took her back to school.

The front office gal wrote a note as a way of explanation of the tardiness for her teacher;

"Back a second time today,
this time with clothes on."

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Children's Hospital

It was an all day affair.... the once a year cranial facial team marathon.

Next step according to the orthodontist is to visit our local orthodontist and get a new set of X-rays to compare with the set made in November to determine when the bone graft needs to be scheduled..  Consider whether the upper jaw needs broadening first by getting molds made. Visit the local pediatric dentist and have that odd, extra tooth pulled in preparation for the BONE GRAFT surgery 6 weeks ahead. Is adding tooth brushing to school's IEP for next year as teeth in cleft area are hard to brush and dental health optimum of utmost importance.

Audiology. Hearing test shows conductive loss consistent with two years ago. Graph suggests she cannot make out what is being said in a classroom situation, church, Sabbath school, etc...  Hearing aids suggested. Ear doctor concerned about hole in left ear. Surgery scheduled.

Head of Cranial Facial team... the doc who has "known her all her life" - (actually, they all have, but he's taken a special interest in her and has made exceptional effort at relationship), is scheduling a sleep study ASAP!!!! Very seriously concerned with disrupted sleep patterns and loud snorting noises. Concerned that facial anomalies are interfering with proper breath when lying down.  Also interested in her behavior. Made some suggestions. Interested to see how the Psych evaluation turns out. Gave numbers for adoption health at University Hospital.  Addressed the encopresis ... outlined a plan. He said to push fluid intake.

The cranial facial social worker provided information regarding getting all these trips over the mountains to Children's Hospital paid for, because it is covered under the State Health plan kiddo is on. Interested in development and if school is providing adequate help and support.

 The photographer did his thing.

The surgeon talked more about bone graft and when.... Concerned about septal deviation in nose  possibly interfering with breath.

The speech pathologist noted improvement in vocabulary and speech, but also noted some concerns due to cleft palate.

I'm feeling a tad overwhelmed. Missy loved all the attention.

We ended the day at REI. Spent too much time there.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

ALONE and Special ED

I'm alone in this house.

And it's even clean. Thanks to the girls and Steve.

Steve is now at work.

The babies are gone on an all day visit with their mama.

The girls have gone to provide music for a little Sunday church . . .

And they took the twins with them so that I could have some unheard of peace and quiet.

My mom and brother and his family are flying over the great blue ocean from Africa and we've got PLANS!! :-)

I saw a converted barn house yesterday. Well, I think they practically tore it down to the foundation before rebuilding it up with parts and wood from the old barn. OH my! I am smitten. I want to live in a barn!!! Such simplicity, such incredible genius.... but don't kid yourself; I think it cost them an arm and leg to create. It is absolutely amazing, however, as is the whole property... horse stables, fish pond, hay fields and incredible view, all tucked away behind a hill. A hill I have been driving by nearly every day and had no idea hid such a treasure. Well, I had heard, but until you see for yourself.... Peaceful... absolutely dreamy.

The little Duckie is fattening up. Nights are long but he's sweet.

The Buddy is sporting a screech that can make you nauseous. How in the world do I cure that? The worst is in the car. He has grown so much. He's a hunk. SOLID!

Both of the twins acted out of line at church yesterday in different ways. They are socially inappropriate and the worst of it is, they don't care. In fact, I think they might be doing on purpose. Missy was hard to manage. When it was children's story time they march up to get the baskets to collect the children's offering. Vanessa has been helping the Buddy participate, but Missy grabbed him by the hand and pulled him away from her so fast and down the isle and so crazy like that she was dragging him along on his knees by the time they got to the front of the church. I was on my feet and had her marched out the side door before she could even blink. That's how it was most of the day. One little thing after another. I'm feeling so wretchedly tired of the stupid charades.

We are having water fowl wars in our too small duck pond. Have to give away some young critters this week before things end in tragedy. We've got bloody fights happening.

Yesterday was my turn to be the guest hostess for church visitors. Between that and Friday night company I did a lot of food preparation. We probably won't eat for the rest of the week... well, nothing fancy anyway.

I have peppers to plant today.

The washing machine is not working right. With a family of 9 - that includes a newborn baby - we are in serious trouble.There's always something to try the patience.  :-)

Isabelle spent another  week in Children's Hospital and she came out in more pain than before. So far, no answers. Poor, poor Izzy.

We're loving the summer tanagers, the orioles and the gold finches nesting about our place.

James did not test well. He tested far poorer that I would have ever believed. He qualifies for special education and one-on-one help. I feel completely, and utterly inadequate to homeschool for the first time in my life. The basic, barebones, building blocks of kindergarten knowledge and learning that create the foundation is completely missing in both children. They don't learn like children should and usually do. They have missed out on the very basis of education for not having lived a normal toddler and preschool life. I'm in over my head.We are at a place were we will graciously accept the help offered. Both children are enrolled full time for next fall at the school. They even qualify for the special ed bus. The educator explained some of what the plan is. It's very simple in ways, and oh so basic and repetitive, but completely out of my league, because I don't fully grasp what the problem is, nor do I know anything about special education and serious learning difficulties.

They talked about holding Missy in the same room with the same teacher for another year, but have since decided to move her to the second grade class based on her size. I know. Seems crazy until you think it through. She is in pull-out sessions and one-on-one 90% of the day. It matters not where her "home" room is. The 1st grade homeroom teacher has been extra special and Missy loves her. Good reason to move her is so she doesn't build ties at school that interfere with her ties at home - really! They also want to keep her with the kids she is with now because for the most part they have accepted her. Even if they mostly don't interact with her. There are a few that  will help her and in turn she can "help" them sometimes and it has been happening...

I read about the trials other families go through with their schools and I have to be utterly grateful for THIS school. The people are amazing. They absolutely care. They listen to us and accommodate our wishes with understanding. And I found out that the reason they all seem to understand RAD -like behaviors is because the vice-principle's son is adopted and is in a live-in facility several states away getting help for his RAD. They understand that what they see at school is a facade and not the reality that we live at home. Very few people can say that about their schools. 

Friday, June 1, 2012

Oh Happy Day

It's lasted more than 24 hours.

We're on the up and up. Missy is as pleasant as can possibly be. It's the strangest thing to go from all-out, full-blown RAD like behaviors and continual irritability to a cheery demeanor that has no underlying agenda. I feel like I'm walking around on eggshells waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Steve said, "Whatever you are doing with the twins with that health program KEEP doing it."

We're on the third week, but because I had already implemented some things, it's more like we are on the 5th week. Still giving the pro-biotic /acidophilus three times daily, the anti-fungal (GSE) once a day, lecithin for brain function, more than usual amount of ground flax for the Omega 3's, and B6 for manufacture of serotonin in the brain. I had some bottles of different things hanging around that we needed to use up, so they have been getting olive leaf extract - which is for leaky gut syndrome, papaya for digestion, echinacea for immunity.

I have to say the biggest and most prominent, and nearly immediate effect is on the breath. Dragon breath is slain (for now).

Missy went through some hard, hard days and they warned us that she would. Even James has had some tough times. It's anybody's guess if they were hard because of what we are doing or just because that's 'normal' for them. We are not done with hard days. There's a lot involved.