Thursday, August 29, 2013

All Is Pleasant!

I have to record this.

The twins came home from school HAPPY.

James told me all about his day.... He's getting better at expressing himself. If he is relaxed and there is no pressure he can actually convey some information.

Missy worked with her in-home care giver nicely.

Then we had a surprise birthday meal for Steve -ten days late....

The kiddos have been playing together making birthday cupcakes Happily.

I have been researching plane tickets to Africa....

First Day

I had a nice chat with James' new teacher. She sounds encouraging and full of faith in her plans for the year. James was so excited to go to school yesterday and he came home excited about it, but thoroughly exhausted. From what the girls tell me, he cried at the drop of a hat over everything and nothing when he got home. He was just bone tired.

Missy was not happy about missing first day, but she likes going to Children's. We had appointments at both centers in two different towns. Her hearing has improved just ever so slightly and her hearing aid still fits well. She has a NEW style of mask and harness for her C-Pap. She earned a gift from the sleep center for being faithful to use the machine every night. She has been having half an hour of air leaks a night... which I thought was no big deal since she wears it for 8 hours. I was wrong. The new mask should solve that issue. She had blood drawn to check her CO2 levels which are WAY too high at night. They want to see what they are in the day. If the blood shows levels that are off then we might be moving to a bi-pap machine.

The gift she chose was a WOODEN set of cupcakes. Somehow that strikes me funny. If you bake her favorite food it would be cupcakes. She must have icing. Anyway, this set has wooden candles, plastic icing and markers for decorating them. She played with them in the car until it was too dark to see. She rarely plays like this. In fact, I filled out the questionnaire for her teacher on what she is like and while I could think of several things to write down that she is good at, swimming, and violin, helping, etc...I couldn't think of a single thing that really truly interests her. I finally wrote, "Interested in what is not her own business". But I thought, surely I can come up with something.... so I asked Christina what she thought Missy's interests were. She looked at me blank... finally she said slowly, "Stuff that is other people's business and not her own". Yi-yi.... well, there you have it. Something to work on for sure, but I guess I don't really know where to begin, except she now has this set of wooden cupcakes that thrills her to no end....

Today was Missy's first day of third grade. She was thrilled to go. I expect a VERY tired girl home at 3 o'clock. A nap might be in order.

We spent a lot of time at the VIOLIN shop while we were out and about the big city. One can learn a lot there and if you had a lot of money you could really buy yourself a good violin. :-/

There's a new baby giraffe at the zoo! TOO cute.

Monday, August 26, 2013


Missy dug in deep. There was nothing to do about it . . . We tried to start the day over three times and she just dug in deeper. She didn't want to cooperate and that was that. I left her with the girls and took James school shopping. He needed shoes and the usual classroom supplies.

We were having a great time. We found everything pretty quick and he tried on a total of two pairs of shoes before picking one. Shopping with boys is completely different from shopping with girls. Just in case you didn't know. As we walked by the clothing items we had a discussion about underwear and whether he could manage to wear any at school this year. . . He assured me he was well past the age of wetting his pants. It wouldn't be happening this year. He hasn't had a problem for some months so I affirmed that I believed he was right. (Don't ask me why wearing underwear caused him to wet his pants.) Our next stop was Taco Bell. It was part of the "outing". As he's getting out of the van my eye catches sight of wet running down the front of his shorts and down his leg... WHAT in the WORLD?

As I recognized what was taking place I sat back and put my hand on my forehead. Really?! He started howling. I told him to quick run in and finish in the bathroom and return to me. He went loudly and came back louder.... heads were whipping in our direction everywhere. I didn't move. I just quietly told him that if there was going to be rage and out -of-mind behavior coming up I didn't feel that I could keep him safe there  in town and that I would not hesitate to call for help.... even the police if I had to.

So let me back up.

Last week I took Missy for school shopping. She was quite pleased.  The list of items needed was small and inexpensive, so though I had pretty much decided were going to use paper bags this year because her lunch bag was a gross disaster last year, she found a nice one with a liner that could be taken out to clean and I let her have it. It was so cute. It was a purse with an owl on it. I very, very infrequently buy the extras, but I wanted this outing to be special. We went to TBell  and made it a nice date. Oh, yeah, and she tried on every pair of shoes in her size range... That took awhile and I could not make suggestions or they were automatically culled from the possibilities! I was thankful when she finally chose a sensible pair of runners for school.

When we got home she was told clearly to put the school supplies and new shoes away until school. Later she was found wearing the shoes and playing with the lunch bag. I reminded her that I had asked her to put them away for school, that she was not allowed to dirty them up before school ever started. Later I went back outside and found that she had not obeyed. She was still wearing the shoes and playing with her things. I sent her to put them away. She got defiant. I took them away and gave her a sweeping job at which point she BLEW! It went into a terrific rage and I was called all kinds of hateful things. I tried hard to diffuse the situation. I let her know that this kind of disrespect would have me packing up the lunch bag back to the store if it didn't stop and soon. The rest of the afternoon was a bust. She continued spewing the hate....  So much for fun mother-daughter outings facilitating in drawing us close.

So, back to today.

I just sat and waited out the crying. I told him if things got ugly I would be returning his lunch bag, too but he got himself together and we each prayed for help and then, rather than going with my instincts  (which were VERY STRONG) of making a beeline for home I went ahead and ordered him something from TBell. I was texting my husband like crazy for advice. He wasn't available... I told James I was thankful he didn't blow his top. I thanked him for staying respectful. I told him how disappointed I was in his decision to wet his pants for whatever his reason... and then we went on like nothing had happened. Though, I told him since he wasn't proving he could make good choices today, I would make the TBell selection instead of him. Also, we ate in the car instead of in the restaurant because, naturally,  he was all wet.

It's all so bewildering. Like WHY?! As we were sitting there I was thinking about Missy and how I had made the decision that nothing she did today would faze me. I had spent an hour and half walking and praying alone before facing her this morning. I was so prepared to meet the onslaught, but I was totally blindsided by James. I hadn't reacted inside that I knew of.... but the confusion... the disappointment in trying so hard to do something special for these kids  just backfiring - it's bewildering to say the least.

The overwhelmed tears took over and I just couldn't choke that icky food down.


We had a success yesterday....

Missy was given opportunity for a do-over and she took it. She did it well and had an awesome attitude. Mostly because she wanted something bad enough. The stakes were high enough in her estimation to make the effort. It was food. What can I say? I still take it as a sign that she can choose. It was not a bribe.

Today, it's not working out so well. Apparently there's no motivation to want to do right this morning. She's testing my resolve and would like to turn this into warfare. I'm standing back and allowing her to make her choice. I'm disengaged and smiling. She cannot govern my feelings unless I choose to let her and I'm choosing to feel free and unshackled to her whim. There's not a lot she can do about that.


Get used to my blurry iphone pictures. That's the way it's going to be for awhile. Brianna needs the camera more than I do. Anyway...

The young people from our church that went to YFJ had the service this past Sabbath. Jonah told the others he had enough to say to fill up the whole service and it was unsure if there would be time for the rest to have their say . . . Well, that is definitely a startling statement coming from him. He has a quiet personality inherited quite honestly. He is the last person to even agree to be up front in the past. . . . but that's before the Lord met him in a special way the past couple months. Christina had her little part first, then Dakota and Jonah tag-teamed spoke. Samuel lead out in prayer. We were so blessed! I am sure that everyone felt the stirring of the Holy Spirit in their own hearts as these young people shared their very own stories in what GOD had done personally for them in answering their prayers, in speaking to their hearts and drawing them close to Himself! They shared their renewed commitment to the Lord and His work. Jonah also shared why he chose to be re-baptized. You couldn't find a church more thankful for their young people.

Brianna has been working her tail off. That girl has been scheduled solid working for other people doing yard work, cleaning house and doing photography for families. She has a ton of tomatoes to sell, but she's been wearing herself thin working to pay her way to Africa. She even did the service at the Sunday church where they do music yesterday. No dull moments around here.

Missy, on account of her appointments at Children's Hospital, is going to miss the first day of school. 
What a great way to start 3rd grade!

Shiana is visiting us for a few days. Well, you would never know she's here. She's one quiet little mouse.
The girls have been making muffins and doing each other's hair fancy, etc...  so I hope she's enjoying her time.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

A Prayer for Missy

It keeps coming around and confronting me but I just finally got it!

I must be a little slow, but looking backwards I realize that it's a reoccurring theme.  I think I know now what I am suppose to keep before the Lord in earnest prayer.

I haven't known what exactly to pray for Missy other than the usual daily prayers a mother would pray for her child. What specifically was it the Holy Spirit would have me plead in her case? Would He have me pray that she learn to obey, to be truthful, to learn to put forth 100% effort rather than the usual 25%?  Would she benefit most from learning to trust me? Should I pray for healing of her mental capabilities so that she could understand her purpose in life or learn to choose right from wrong? Of course, I pray for her salvation.... We actually pray for all these things - even with her as we try to help her out of her obstinance but what exactly is her greatest need? What is the key to unlocking this child's greatest potential?

I was going to post a picture that was being shared on facebook that sums things up for me very well, but on closer inspection I saw that it says right on it, do not copy! So I'll describe it instead. There's a little girl looking up into her brother's face. She's a cute little thing, but her expression of pure happiness is what makes the picture. She has every sign of Down syndrome, but it's her glee that stands out. The inscription reads: The only disability in life is a bad attitude. It's truth. 

Take a look at Nick Vujicic - the No arms, No legs, No worries, man.... Nothing has stopped him from going and doing and being. He has a great attitude and he is dependent on God and God has blessed him with an incredible ministry of encouraging people and pointing them to Jesus. I think I might be tempted to think my life was limited if I were to lose my arms and legs. That's not Nick's mindset.

I suppose I could go on digging up examples of people with various disibilities, physical or mental, to show how  these things did not define them... However, you can think of them yourselves. You have met a few people whose beautiful attitude totally characterizes them and they go on to LIVE life to the fullest - a blessing and an encouragement to all with whom they come in contact. The radiance of Jesus shines from their faces. There are a few in this sin sick world who rise above themselves....

The opposite is true also.... You know many, many, many people whose sour attitude defines them negatively. It has become their disibility. It limits them. It eventually destroys them. There are far too many of these sad, distorted thinking people who have given themselves to self pity. They have become a burden, even to themselves. 

I have said to my friends who pray for Missy and pray for us in our struggles to help her, "None of her deficits would matter if only she were happy!"

I've heard some families speak of their little children with cognitive impairments as the little joy makers in their homes;  Precious and delightful; Cheerful little loving angels; Cherished and enjoyable companions.....  The raw, ugly truth is that it is not going that way with this child in our home. This is a child that needs Jesus to change her attitude towards parents, teachers, brother, sisters, routines, chores, learning, herself.... in short, she needs a major attitude adjustment. Her attitude is going to make or break her. The trend we are seeing is that her attitude is going to destroy her. IT IS her disability. 

Unfortunately, for Missy, she is incapable of changing her attitude. She doesn't even know what it means to be content, let alone joyful. This is heart work that the Lord will have to do for her. Something we must pray for her. She has no clue of her need. At this point she is not capable of seeing her need of Jesus and it's heartbreaking.

Lest you think that this journey has everything to do with the child, it isn't. It has everything to do with refining the character of the parents, too. If you want to know what you are made of.... trying working with a struggling person. You might find you need to pray for your own attitude before long... as we have.

Pray for us. Pray for Missy.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Christina on the Flute

Here's a link to hear Christina and her friends from YFJ at ASI... on 3ABN..... yeah, we like acronyms.

YFJ Song

School is Around the Corner

Summer School ended yesterday.

It was good. Very good. I saw progress in both children and especially James.

I also noticed Missy went off happy in the morning and came home exhausted and cranky at 12:30. Sometimes she all out blew her top within 5 minutes of being home. One day she raged most of the afternoon from the time the bus dropped her off until bedtime. Literally, she beat her brother up and screamed at him all the walk home from the bus stop and when she got here she plain threw herself on the ground and raged f.o.r.e.v.e.r. During the school year she came home cranky and threw tantrums a lot and I thought that was just how it is. Having had a summer break where she was a lot more even keel (we had our moments, don't get me wrong) throughout the day and WAY less all.out.tantrums and tiredness it was striking to note how exhausting school is for her. Or Stressful. Or something. Which is it anyway? Here we go with the detective thing again. Where's my trench-coat and magnifying glass? Does it say anything to you that I can have her lay down after a half a day of school and she will sleep for two hours?

School begins next week on Wednesday.

Both kids are signed up for 3rd grade. After all our discussion on whether to retain them or not, we are back to moving on. For James it is the best. It is what it is for Missy. She will always be a special ed kid and there isn't anything I can do to make that different for her. It's frustrating to her, but it is her reality. She was really not happy with the idea of going back to second grade. In her words, "They don't want me there again!" lol Someone told me that Missy's new teacher was originally a special ed teacher, so this may be a good fit. My plan is to help James keep up with the class whatever it takes. Next year I plan on homeschooling him.

Christina is gearing up for her first ever "going to school" experience. We've gone school shopping already, and college doesn't start until the end of September. She's that geared up. She's our youngest starting running start yet. She's 15  until the end of October.

Brianna has had an interesting summer that has been all over the map with regards to her future plans. She had planned to take this year off and go into education next fall. Becoming a teacher is no longer on the ticket and really, she hasn't nailed anything concrete down as to what she wants to do. We are okay with that. We would rather she was absolutely sure and that it wouldn't be a waste of valuable time. We want her to be lead by God. We also want her to be able to contribute to society and support herself if she needed to. She has so many talents and gifts, her interests are varied and interesting. From Photography to agriculture, to special needs kids, she has ability and drive and indeed, maybe college isn't a must.  She is going to Oklahoma to do a "crash course" in media production with her friend Aubrey. Aubrey works at Full Plate Living (what used to be Lifestyle of America) in their media department. She has the go ahead to bring Brianna into the studio and teach her the ropes. They have a new project in the works and Brianna will get to see it pretty much from start to finish. Also, Aubrey's family has a market garden. Better Together Farm. They are planting fall crops and Bri will get to learn their ways and methods. I'm kind of excited about that. She has been running our tomato patch and enjoys that. She will then be home mid November and fly off to GYC in Florida and from there go to Tanzania for six months as a student missionary. The plan thus far is to have her working in the elementary school at my brother's project.

Vanessa has been working hard, hard as a CNA. She went for her certification test and thought she failed it. She was reapplying when her certification arrived in the mail. It took us the rest of the day to convince her that she was indeed certified and it wasn't some mistake. She will continue her job and work part time while she goes to nursing school. NURSING SCHOOL LOOMS ahead. Already, she found out she will miss out on GYC, and other big parts of her life. For 20 months nursing school will be it. She's even sure her friends will think she's no longer much of a friend.

Everybody is asking what I am going to do with my free time. :-) For the first time in 15 years I don't have a homeschooler in the house.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Sent the Kids Packing....

So, these parents went off honey-mooning for their anniversary. 
What did they do with the kids? 
They sent them off to the mountains backpacking.....

Like, actually BACKPACKING!

It was quite a hike....
but they are good hikers!
They also have huge appetites...
But then again,
they were burning it off hiking
in the meadows....

and in the high country.

They traversed some rough passes...
 and even went sledding on a plastic bag.

Brianna is my hero.
She carried their tent and their food and took really good care of them.
Christina had every intention of taking charge of one twin
and Bri would have the other,
but she was SICK in bed at home.
Brianna didn't so much as flinch when Missy threw a tantrum 
(because Bri had packed something of hers in James' backpack).
She simply put her in time out and told her if she wanted to have a problem
she was quite welcome to.
It didn't last long.
When James didn't feel like being helpful -
(and goodness, the girl was working her tail off, cooking and filtering water and doing everything needed,)
she just required him to help and held him to it until he did.
She's learned well.

Mostly,the kids were good. Thankfully!

Vanessa showed up the next day with extra supplies... clean clothes and more food.
Her good friend, Natalie, accompanied her. Took them 7 hours to find them...  They had LOTs of good girl talk time, obviously.
It is so beautiful up there!
It was a church backpacking trip.
(Not our church, but our pastor's other church).
Two nights under the stars.
Can you find the big dipper?
James had a bit of a time adjusting to carry a backpack on the way in,
and people who don't know, or completely understand
thought he was really having a hard time.
Brianna knew it wasn't quite like that...
so on the way out, she pulled him ahead of the group and they flew along the trail
"air texting" messages back and forth to each other.
(Yes, he has a budding interesting in spelling.....and he does quite well.)
He never even noticed that he was wearing a pack!
Missy was good with a 20lb pack. Everybody else was carrying one and she was part of the crowd.

22 Years!

Steve and I celebrated our anniversary and Steve's birthday by going away on a camping trip. I had no idea where we were going, or anything of the plan. I just knew the girls would take care of the kids for me. I hopped in the van with flip-flops and summer clothes for our climate. Steve was packing behind me. . . coats and sweat shirts, shoes...

We had a lovely time. We did a lot of sleeping, a lot of talking, a lot of walking, and a lot of bike riding - 20 miles in one day.We took a ferry to one of the Islands and rode our bikes and really toured the countryside. It has been said, You can drive from coast to coast on the interstate and never see a thing!" Well, try biking. You'll only bike about 20 miles at a time (at least if you are not in shape like me) and you may never be able to sit again :-S, but you will see the country and experience the culture up close. Amazingly beautiful.

Here are few pictures from our weekend. Note that I have a great camera.... ha! but it was with Brianna, so all these are taken with my phone. You get what you get.

I am blessed. Thanks Steve!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

My Red Sea

I wrote a post this morning. The prayer I am praying for James, so impossible.

Except for the fact that it is a prayer.

God is the One who answers. And nothing is impossible with God.

In fact, He delights in our impossibilities.

It occurred to me that I have a greater impossibility on my hands.

{As if, it just dawned on me.... when in reality, this point of desperation and the absolute helpless position I find myself in shows up frequently, enough.}

It's impossible for me to be everything, as a mother, that these kids need. I don't have enough patience and I cannot keep from betraying my impatience when said boy has decided to defy the seat -belt rule and I must ask him to put it back on 5 times in as many minutes. When he looks me in the eye in the rear-view mirror and smirks because it's off again and he thinks there isn't a thing I can do about it.... When I tell him, as I park, that "in order to ride in this vehicle one must obey the rules, so get out..." I'm struggling to keep the tension out of my voice. I tell myself to keep the tones natural... as if he has every freedom in the world to make this choice. Tell him to go ahead and explore the lawn; sit in the shade of the tree... have a little fun while he's at it. I'm not going anywhere. . . but I'm rolling my eyes at my own suggestion. For what's the point? He's standing at my door screaming his little head off, perspiration beading up on his face in the hot sun. I figure I'm about to get turned in for child abuse by the people entering and departing the orthodontist's building. We are there an hour. I try again. Listen up, Buddy. If you ride in this car you obey the driver and the rules of this car. If you choose not to it's completely your choice, but you can't be in here. It's either obey and be in, or defy and get out. It seems to me you choose not to be in or out, but I can't think of any other choices out there. Can you? Eventually, he shakes hands on an agreement to follow the vehicle rules and I let him in the van. 

Once again I find exasperation taking over my mind and voice... "If you can't say anything nice, Missy, then you are not allowed to talk right now." She's actively looking to irritate Her twin. They aren't even in the same row... its' a 12 passenger van. How far apart do they need to sit? "I SAID NO TALKING!" I said it a little louder than necessary. I want her to know she's succeeding in irritating me {Do I really?!}.

It's time for NR. They have three sets of 10 minutes to do on their hands and knees. The fussing starts. They're looking to push buttons. They mostly lay around. I have to turn the timer off and declare that what they have done so far, doesn't count. We have to start over. She screams that she is too tired. She yells and fusses, and carries on for an hour. I sit in my chair and pretend it's all good. That I can wait forever... but as the words mount and the nonsense increases I can feel my frustration levels building like steam in a pressure cooker. I put her in time out and I void any time she's already done. Eventually, we land up at the trampoline. I make her jump as I stand on it.... she has to bounce me up and down until she's so tired she begs to crawl.... but not before I use some pretty hard words. Words I shouldn't have said.

He's reading to me for about a minute and suddenly he decides not to anymore. He doesn't stop, he just reads wrong. Passive aggressiveness is his favorite tool. I explain that the first vowel does the talking and the second one does the walking... I try again and ask what the letter's name is. The long vowel always says it's name. And he "can't remember" what an E is called. RIGHT. I get it now. "Okay, Buddy. No games. I know what you are doing and we are not going there."  I explain everything so that he has no excuse to use on me but it's no good. HE WON'T remember because he is choosing not to. I'm between a rock and a hard place. We can't move on. He won't. Nothing I do would induce him to do so. YET, if I allow him to control our reading time like this, we'll NEVER ever read. I'm just a helpless idiot. If I don't do something!! And I completely unraveled right there. . .COMPLETELY.

Just a few hours earlier I stepped in and gave Buddy's mom a piece of unasked for parenting advice. He was throwing a tantrum and it was about to work according to his plan.... but I stopped her from giving in and explained the long term consequences her action now would have. I gave her my very best piece of advice. Never, ever, ever, ever give a child something for which they cry for.  She was obviously torn, but struggles with feeling adequate in other people's eyes so she refused his terms.... She wants to do it right. Miracle of miracles the tantrum ended right then and there.

NOW, I find myself in this impossible situation with James.... and I text Steve that I feel so stupid handing out parenting advice when  I have the two most willful and disobedient children on the face of this planet and there isn't a thing I've done that has changed that. There simply isn't a thing I can do. Discouragement rolls in like the thunderheads above me.

I'm at my Red Sea. No way to go forward or backwards. The road is completely blocked in on all sides. I'm hemmed in by the mountains on two sides, an army threatening to destroy me is approaching and I can't swim.

Oh, GOD in heaven, I'm completely in need of a miracle right here!

It is our own character and experience that determine our influence upon others. 
In order to convince others of the power of Christ’s grace, 
we must know its power in our own hearts and lives. 
The gospel we present for the saving of souls must be the gospel by which our own souls are saved. Only through a living faith in Christ as a personal Saviour is it possible to make our influence felt in a skeptical world. 
If we would draw sinners out of the swift-running current,  
our own feet must be firmly set upon the Rock, Christ Jesus.  
{CSW 99.2}

Monday, August 12, 2013

Not Possible

I was thinking my prayer for James was not so out of reach, that it was so possible with a boost from God. An answer to my prayer would be spectacular and amazing, but you know, He's God, and I believe in miracles!!

But then I have lived the last two days with this kid... I mean I've been living with him all along, but I see that God has been at work and has allowed me to be reminded and to see in the raw just how . impossible . a . prayer . I am praying!!  The kid is squirming big time... His passive aggressive nature is fighting hard to keep the status quo... So hard in fact that i'm not sure what happened to the passive part....

So this prayer I've been praying for James?  Not possible. 

Humanly speaking, NOT even Remotely Possible!!!! 

And so, I'll not quit pressing his case before heaven!! This may actually be a battle for his life.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Claiming the Promise ~ A Prayer Adventure

 Prayer is indeed a 
of the spirit as it is lifted up to God. 
This action is comparable to that of a ship going against the stream.

~ Martin Luther~


You will never aspire to Pray
until you urge and force yourselves.

~John Calvin~

You may have noticed I am writing less. Summer is crazy enough, but I am also spending a lot more time praying and claiming promises over my children. I always pray for them, of course, but I am learning what prevailing prayer means, and what it means to carry a burden of prayer all day. I am taking a fair amount of time seeking out the promises and claiming them over this burden.

My prayer for James is very, very specific, but far reaching. I am praying that God would give him an Understanding Heart and a greater Capacity to Learn and Improve his Mind. I believe that with this blessing many of his other needs, spiritual, material and physical, would come into place.

I found a verse that I shared with James as we prayed together alone last evening. It's a prayer within Psalm 119 and it's short. "Teach me good judgement and knowledge" but I love this other version:

"Increase my knowledge and give me good sense"! vs 66

We read together the story of King Solomon in the Bible. He had just been crowned King and the Lord came to him in a dream and asked him what he wanted most. Solomon said, "I am but a little child: I don't know how to go out or come in! Give me an understanding heart . . . . "  And the Bible records that it PLEASED THE LORD! He responded by saying, "You've got it! I have given you a wise and understanding heart and because you have asked for this good thing I am giving you many other blessings along with this one."

Psalms and Proverbs are full of verses encouraging us to ask for wisdom, understanding, and knowledge so we know that it would please the Lord for us to ask for these things for James, though I was sure to let him know that it's right in the Bible that he would never be as wise as King Solomon, but God has great things in store for him if we ask for them.

I believe I am seeing the beginning of an answer to our prayers happening before my eyes. He is, {drum roll please} of his own accord, as I write,  learning about verbs and nouns, and writing with neat handwriting in an exercise book as if is the most enjoyable activity in the world to be doing right now. Yesterday he completed another level in his reading therapy computer program. He is excited for summer school to begin again soon. I introduced the times tables to him last night and he's game... it seems using his summer math program he lost no ground at all this season. My prayer is more than just an understanding in the realm of school work, but an increase of intellect that would be restorative and God honoring allowing him to become what God intended. We have done nearly everything in our power to physically help this child overcome his deficits: diet, lifestyle, vitamins, herbs, therapies, stability, opportunities.... and most have done their part in helping him come to this point of growth and development. He has come a long way. I am asking God to do for him what I cannot do, what therapy and lifestyle has not done. I am asking for an outright miracle.

We've been told to ask. "If any of you lack wisdom let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him." James 1:5

For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Then shall you call upon Me and you shall go and pray unto Me, and I will hearken unto you. Jeremiah 29:11, 12

His sudden blooming interest in academics and the time I am taking time with him to encourage him has engulf his twin in jealousy. . . It's complicated as she struggles to cooperate even as she asks me to spend time with her on various school work. She's trying, but it's so difficult. At times she handles it fine, and other times she totally succumbs to the temptation to turn things into a circus. I've made it clear I cannot engage when she starts that. I must walk away until she makes a choice to put forth the effort. Hard stuff. At this point I am asking the Lord what it is He would have me pray over her. I won't assume I know what is best for her.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Morning Update

On our new regime the twins have been quite regulated and there has only been one serious defiant/ disrespectful event by Missy. She up and challenged me head on Sunday morning as we were camping!  Steve immediately stepped in and worked long and hard with her. He kept reminding her that he was doing everything he could to save her from a consequence and that all she needed to do was ask God for grace to choose a different attitude. She finally let go of her stance...

Otherwise things have been okay. They have been congenial in the morning and have gotten up level headed and have not missed a breakfast .... 

Until this morning. 

James has no obvious attitude, but he took 4 hours to get his chores done. Granted, I sent him back to redo what wasn't done right, but what should take 15 minutes I give them an hour to do and he took 4! 

He said he had been playing with sticks in the pasture. Whether that is actually true or not I have no idea... It's really hard sometimes to makes sense of a conversation with him when he's being questioned, but I gave him the job of picking up ALL the sticks in the pasture to put on the burn pile for being so S.L.O.W. He was really upset about that but considering there is only one small tree on the edge......?!

The carpet saga is over. It looks great. Just need to put the baseboards back and then start sorting thru everything and putting it away. This has has been acrazy summer. It's so hot and the AC is not very fixable . . .

Thursday, August 1, 2013

On Learning to Work

I set the twins down to pick the tomatoes  this morning while I ran a few errands... Was curious as to what they would actually do.

Came home to find them still hanging out near the garden. Turns out James got discouraged before he ever pick a single tomato. Missy got herself a little bucket and picked a dozen before calling it good.

Haha!! We have a few lessons to learn in regards to the "sweat of our brow"... And going to the "ant".

Then Brianna took charge and really put them to work. They produced this in an hour:

They all sold in under two hours.

Awesome Attitudes

Good attitudes to report this morning. They are a little slow but no pushing buttons and orneriness. They have our trip to Canada to anticipate, though.... I'll take it for whatever the reason!