Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Success At Long Last!

The morning routine was accomplished in record time with incredible attitudes! They were done by 8 am and breakfast isn't even ready yet. They are enjoying the reward of a happy momma. :-)

I left them at home with Vanessa last evening still playing outside and riding bikes while I took Christina to symphony practice. I took a load of too small clothes to the goodwill and picked up a solar system floor puzzle. I came home and stuck it in the closet, but since we have such sweet happy kids today I decided they could put it together.

Last night went well, too. Vanessa brought them into the house before dark, gave them projects to do, fed them, read them a story and put them to bed. Missy was asleep in an instant. No one bucked her over anything.

I enjoyed my time out on the town. Old Navy was having a sale. I bought shirts, long-sleeved T's and sweaters for as little as $1.49 and the most I paid was $3.99.  I wandered up and down the health food isles of the grocery store loading up on brown rice flour and various and sundry expensive gluten-free ingredients. I needed the time alone. I savored every minute.


C Dawn's bucket said...

Isn't it amazing how just going to the store alone can become a huge reward?

Mama in Uganda said...

Oh, thank you Lord.

What a blessing to read this.

I will keep interceding for your dear little family.


Karen said...

I love days like this... here's to hoping they noticed a difference in how THEIR day was with the right attitude :) Is 2 days in a row too much to ask? lol

GB's Mom said...

I am so glad :)

Elyssa said...

Oh yay! That is wonderful! :-)

MrsKish said...

Thank you for sharing that Missy went to church in her jammies. Today, Sylas *flatly* refused to get dressed. I offered him multiple opprotunities to change from jammies to clothes. He refused each time. I sent him to preschool in his jammies. He begged me to let him change his clothes, but we had run out of time and it was time to go. I'm hoping by me sending him to preschool in jammies, he will get dressed when he's suppose to. We'll see though. I'm sure it'll happen again. But really, thank you for sharing this trial with us. I kept remembering over and over again that it's not my fault he's not dressed and that this has happen to others too.

Sean and Lisa said...

Hurray for small and large victories! God knows we need that encouragement to survive. :)
Much love!