Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Some of Our Lighter Moments

Just so you know...
not all kittens are cute.
This little stinker didn't have to try hard to be loved though.
He is a survivor.
All three kittens found a home together in a warm, heated tack room, with heated blankets and everything just right by a family that if I told you their name you would be able to figure out where I live very easily.
Oh, and we have a cat at the vet... the era of the kittens is over.

There is no end of paper airplanes,
and algebra scrap paper at our house.

We have figured out that we actually wore out another cd player. 
We are having to plug the computer into the sound system to play 
The Nutcracker while we hipity-hop for exercise.

Buster enjoys his activity pages very much.

Making tie-dye snowflakes is addicting
We've worn out a whole set of washable markers.

Junior Monopoly is the "in game" ... and it's a fun introduction to money.
Not only is the neon hat hard to miss,
it makes a great snow shield.
He pulls it down just before take-off.
Obviously, where he is going is the least of his worries.

You can hear this child a mile away. The crazier the better.

Missy's latest creation.
Even the smallest things are useful in learning to achieve 
developmental milestones.

I found the twins "washing" my car with their mittens the other day. 
They were quite pleased with themselves and had only missed the spots they couldn't reach.
Yeah... so how do you tell them you don't appreciate all their efforts?
This pic doesn't show the half of it.
It was dirty before,
but at least it matched everybody else's car...
It was so, so embarrassingly filthy I ended up having to go to the car wash being it was too cold to run water on my icy driveway. Buster was thrilled with the experience. The attended was having trouble with his machine and I had to wait an extra 10 minutes so he gave me a free car wash coupon for next time.
So, there you go... I actually will have a clean car two times this year.
A blessing in disguise.

And we were blessed with another peaceful, happy day.

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Kelly said...

we have some of those beads and they are so much fun...and great for learning in a sneaky kind of way. :)