Tuesday, February 21, 2017

This Is RAD

We were traveling. It had been a long day. We were out looking at a possible emotional support dog for Missy. We fell in love with the pup. However, we had not fallen in love with the price so we were headed home to think about it for a bit more.  We had made a pact to be very deliberate in this search and make no rash decisions based on cuteness.  :-)

As we pulled into a fast food joint to use a restroom Steve reminded the twins they needed to finish the water bottles he had given them at the beginning of the day. They still don't just drink water... It has to be scheduled, as does #2 bathroom use. They just don't unless we require it. And as of my latest experiment  they can go two weeks ...  How scary is that?!! (To say nothing of our plugged toilet situation when they finally do go... Honest to PETE!)

Steve led the twins to the restrooms then went to the counter to get something for the kids. He was back with Missy and a bag of food fairly quick. He reminded Missy to finish the water so she could have her treat and returned to the building to wait for James. No sooner did he shut the door and walk away then she started her whine, "I'm starving.... blah, blah, blah...."  She rarely asks directly for what she wants when she knows the requirements.

"What did Dad just say?"

"I don't know!!! Groan, whine cry....

"Well, when you remember let me know."

I'm super careful to sidestep direct communication. I've taken lessons from the expert...

To be sure, there wasn't more than 2 inches of water left in the bottle. We had been working on it all day.  I heard gulping and loud exaggerated belching and groaning about her stomach not possibly being able to handle that much water, etc...  And then suddenly she needed to go to the bathroom again. I hid my rolling eyeballs and said, "Sure, of course you may go, ONLY LEAVE your water bottle here in the car. It would not be right for you to go and dump it because dad asked you to drink it before you can have your treat."  -No sidestepping communication this time.

She ran off in a hurry. I watched her go and I saw nothing amiss and bent to my reading. When she returned  she came up to my door and swung her EMPTY water bottle in my face.  I just looked her in the eye. She flashed me her Cheshire cat grin.

This is RAD. 

Lord help me, this is CRAZY making business!!

She got in the car and this time did not beg for the food. She just waited quietly.... This scenario boggles my mind. If she really truly revels in pulling a trick why wouldn't she keep it to herself? Why does she risk a consequence to let me know I've been had? Somehow the conquest is not enough, she has to rub my nose in it. When Steve got back with James I told him what had just transpired. He just said, "Well, that's too bad." Opened up the bag of treats and ate hers.....