Monday, January 17, 2011

A Little Hot

In more ways than one.

It's balmy weather after all our rain. The sun is shining in the windows heating this house up to more than I can take when I am housecleaning. All the sliding glass doors and windows were flung open to refresh the place.

Got to feeling a little warm under the collar when both children refused to follow directions and do their morning routine.. Both just waiting around to be prodded and pushed and coaxed to get the morning stuff done before breakfast. I reminded them that the restaurant closes at 8:30 and they started crying and fussing and getting stubborn but still not doing their jobs...

So, I told them I'm done talking.

In the morning they do their lights, make the bed, get dressed, drink water and use the bathroom before the restaurant closes - on their own. That's not a lot when you consider they get out of bed at 6:30. No one is going to push and prod and drag them through their morning.There's plenty of wood to be carried up and down the hill if they don't  want to. It's their choice.

I asked them, "whose choice was it to not make the beds this morning?"


"Exactly, good answer, so whose fault is it if you don't get what you want later?"


"Good answer. Think about that."

Tomorrow is speech therapy in town. Don't be surprised if someone ends up there still in their pajamas.The hard part will be for me to follow through and NOT try to get them going. I talk too much. It's a waste of breath. It doesn't teach them self-government.

I have plenty to do today if we never get to the school work and all that. The weather is beautiful outside so if the twins choose to carry wood up and down the hill in the sunshine they'll be getting their vit. D anyway.

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