Saturday, January 1, 2011

Ten Months

Happy NewYear!

I'm sick in bed with the flue - not a great way to start off the year. I could not sleep a wink last night. The head pounding, the fireworks, the freaked out dog, the other various and sundry crashes and bangs in the night along with the fever...  I kept wondering if there was someone I was suppose to be praying for  but I didn't know who so I prayed for the girls and later found out Vanessa had a rough night also and didn't get any sleep. I am really sorry she had to deal with that nonesense. She's pretty thankful for Daniella's level -headedness and compares Daniella to Uncle Jason. She has now moved into Daniella and Brianna's room, so hopefully things will go a lot better even if they don't have enough beds.

The girls are enjoying GYC otherwise. We watched the address by Elder Ted Wilson on 3ABN. What a blessing! He is a straight shooting preacher and is calling us all to a higher committment to Christ.

The girls met with Leasa - who is apparently a faithful reader of this blog. That makes me shake my head and wonder whatever does she find worth reading on a daily basis here? Anyway, she spoke to them about Youth for Jesus,  about being on the music committee of GYC, and also spoke to Bri about doing the Light Program at Eden Valley. 

The twins have been home ten months today. They seem older lately. Steve even remarked on it last night. We're getting pretty close to a year!! I wonder if the paper-work part of the adoption will be complete by then?


Kelly said...

Take care of yourself. Hope you feel better really soon.

Penelope said...

Wow! Your head was ringing in the new year. Yuk! I've been there. Adoption paperwork takes forever. Praying for a speedy recovery and your forever daughters.