Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Speech and More Speech

We are back to the old grind. The twins had speech.

Missy vocabulary is increasing daily. Sometimes we don't noticed and then suddenly she's coming out with new words and sentences all over the place. The speech teacher mentioned that she is able to hold a conversation with her now. Before, Missy would offer a word here and there and everyone else had to guide and carry the conversation. A few months back we started hearing full sentences.

Today at class they discussed Christmas and the therapist was able to glean that Missy got a pair of pajamas and Vanessa got slippers,etc... I bent down and whispered, "Did you tell her you got a sled?"

Missy: "Oh, I forgot about the sled!!!"

The therapist laughed. That sentence was a perfect example of spontaneous communication. There was no struggle, no time to think about the words, she just blurted.

Good stuff!

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Kelly said...

Yeah for Missy.

Jackson corrected his daddy's grammar tonight. It was really funny and I was so proud he knew the right word. :) It really is amazing what different little kids they are.

If only...their bio parents put forth just a little effort...oh what a difference it would have made.