Thursday, January 20, 2011

New Day - Same Attitude

For Missy.

Buster seems okay so far.

Yesterday's tantrum with Missy lasted 2 hours. I never blinked an eye or responded in any way. She pulled out every dirty trick she knew but she could not engage me.

Brianna flew off into the sky on an adventure with Dakota. Buster was an emotional wreck when she left. Vanessa is having a stressful week at school and Christina is pushing to get her math for the year done in the next couple weeks.


Kelly said...

You go girl. Man, this is so hard, isn't it?

GB's Mom said...

It is the hardest thing I have ever done.You are doing great. Hang in there :)

Sarah said...

Two hours without engaging! Good for you! Make sure you give yourself a pat on the back, you deserve it. :)

Mama in Uganda said...

If only you were in my house today, you would see you are not alone. Two hours of pretending he forgot how to read his spelling words, not to mention the sudden inability to write both his s'a and c's. Are you joking, I was recovering in bed and had all the time in the world. After consistent discipline, 15 laps of running and missing lunch, the child miraculously read all of his words and wrote his letters. And so the day began. It took until 6 pm before the child was broken. Even asking for prayer and forgiveness. Stick in there. Don't give up or give in.