Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Little Miss Shenanigan it IS!

My sister called her that. It's fitting. ESPECIALLY today!

It didn't take long for her to be in no-talking mode, though she did work quickly to be at breakfast. Half-way through breakfast the drama started and it dawned on me that this whiny, fussy, crabbiness is all very much staged and calculated and planned.

She does this.

To have control is the point.

And right now to be in control of how she relates to us is very much her "THING" right now.

Let me tell you, it's HARD to be her mom right now.

She is in a stand-off and has been all week, and I just recognized it!!

She's been benched. I gave her clear choices and she made bad ones. I'm in this for the long haul. She wants a fight and I'm putting her in a position where there is nothing and no one to fight except herself for however long it takes. She's on the bench but could be moved out of sight if she chooses to make a scene. She's been there half an hour and is bored almost to tears already.

I'm praying for grace and strength to hold out and do the right thing.

There's another thing.

And it's about James.

He took care of the rabbits just fine while the girls were gone this summer. I taught him how, followed up with him. Repeated the teaching until he was doing just fine. Recently we have been finding that the rabbits either have no water, or are not fed or both. We send him out. We remind him. We question him on it, and then when he comes back we go and check and he has still NOT done the whole job.

At first I thought he was forgetting.

Or was in a hurry.

Or something.

TODAY it was clear - this is ALL A GAME.

He's benched too.

Can you tell I'm tired of stupid mind games?

 Today I'm making it clear. Either start cooperating or be ready for the battle.

Last Day of August

I don't really get how come she is so much more pleasant in no-talking mode, but it's a fact. She's actually having fun with it. This morning is a new day and she will be free to speak real words until they turn sour.

The weather is cooling. It feels like a September morning one day early.We are harvesting nearly every day. The Lord has blessed abundantly. Last night we dug into the potatoes. They are beautiful, big red potatoes. Filled a basket for a family whose month was longer than their grocery money could extend. We hadn't planned on growing these particular potatoes, but someone gave us the seed and now we know there was a plan all along. There's so much food on my porch I wish I knew who else might be in need around here.

Brianna is really enjoying her interaction with the restaurant people. I haven't so much as stepped foot inside any of them. She takes care of all the orders. She's had/has orders for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday this week.

Steve brought home a new propane camp stove. It holds three canners! My mom's probably thinking he's a little late as she slaved over the old one for hours when she was here. Something was wrong with it, though and we were leaking propane with both valves shut tight.

Brianna asked the neighbor kid what he's been up to lately.... had a good laugh. It so reminds us of the days when my kids were that age. He said, "Well, we eat breakfast and then we have to do the dishes and by the time we are done it's pretty much lunch and then we have to do dishes again and by the time we get done it's supper time and then we have to do the dishes...." LOL. Why does it take so long for a kid to learn that if you quit fooling around and just get at it they will be done in minutes?  I was a kid once, too... I remember exactly how it was.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Weird How That Is

Sometimes when the screaming starts I don't even flinch.

Other times my blood pressure begins to rise and I am frustrated.

But when I heard the blood curdling screams coming over the phone today I broke out in a sweat, my heart started pounding and I was instantly nauseated. I wanted to flee instead of face it.

I HATE that!

Wish I could just take it in stride.

Somebody is back to no-talking. Her words didn't pass the criteria of positive and kind when big sister rightfully said the word NO to her. Instead they were dark and ugly and accelerated to all out screaming  -zero to 80 in 15 seconds flat.

All. Over. Lemon. Juice.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Of Tomatoes, Tea Parties, School Plans and Mute Children

We're pretty amazed at the connections we are making with our neighbors and community through our lovely, giant tomatoes. We are also finding out that we probably eat more tomatoes than any other family in the whole valley. We eat more tomatoes in meal than most people can eat in a week! We'll never be rich selling our produce, but it's worth the effort just for friendships alone.

Bri and I were in Costco today. We could hardly stand it when a family who was obviously planning a big picnic put 4 boxes of those orange, cardboardy tomatoes on their cart. We wanted to tell them we could sell them much more appealing tomatoes .... and ours are cheaper by 4 cents a pound ; D. But alas, we don't have that kind of nerve, though for a second I was preparing to be embarrassed as Brianna looked for all the world like she was just going to go do it. {Phew!}

The other day I received a phone call from a neighbor looking for singers for the apple days festival at the Pioneer Village. I've had choir kids sing there before. It's a whole lot of fun and a good place to mingle with the town people. The neighbor mentioned that he had a daughter interested in choir - actually, looking for friends, so I filled a basket of plums and tomatoes and the girls went trotting off straight through the orchard to the house with the red roof. This evening the girls from there paid us a visit  and returned the basket filled with lovely peaches from their trees. There are 7 kids in that family 18 yrs down to 4. We've seen them around town and knew they lived within view of our house, but never had a good way to just go and befriend them {Which is really silly, if you think about it.} Christina was ready for them tonight with a special printed invite to her tea party coming up. Even the 18 year old girl was excited to plan for it.

Speaking of the tea party. Christina took an invite up to the little girls next door and left it on their doorstep. This afternoon the oldest girl came down to return a garden basket. She was beside herself with anticipation of the tea party, "We're so excited! My mom is going to curl our hair and we're going to use hairspray!" {said with great emphasis on curl and hairspray!} Haha, I LOVE it.

 James is going to school. And I am so EXCITED for him... {and for me}. This is quite an interesting little turn events. A lady down the road homeschooled her kids and has just sent the last one off to college and she's looking to help homeschoolers. She also needs  to make a living at the same time. She is offering a neat little program three days a week for three hours a day of lots of hands on nature, history - starting in Genesis, art, music - some sort of Hungarian music program, Bible memorization, and math fact drills, spelling, etc... It's a very physically active, hands on style. I would still teach him reading. James little friend Peyton is the only other child signed up to date. At first it was only going to happen if 5 kids signed up, however I prayed that if this was the right thing for James, and if it would be the help I am needing that it would work out. It so happens that the gal was offered an afternoon job at a Christian school nearby, so her mornings are still free work with the little boys and she will be earning enough money to live.

This is such a blessing. If Missy didn't consume most of my day on a regular basis I probably would not have considered it, but it's a fact.  James is a sponge and ready for learning and I feel like he is cheated somehow . It's not so bad when the girls are around. There's interaction and learning going on all the time, but when the girls are busy with their school and Missy is struggling I only have so much of me to offer. Missy just needs to learn trust right now. She's gonna hit the roof about all this when she realizes he's going off without her and she's stuck with me and Christina at home. {Yikes!! You can all pray we live through those first two weeks}. But just think of all that one-on-one time she'll get!

This no-talking bit was a really good exercise in self-control today. She did it. It was an eye opener for me, too. This child demands and fusses and hollers out for me a zillion times a day. Today she just sat and waited for someone to notice she needed something. I tried to look out for those times. She watched us and participated in only what she was invited instead of diving in impulsively. She would begin to scowl and open her mouth to emit some crabbiness and remember and her face would take on a "Oh, brother, can't do that look" and a smile would come to her lips at the nuttiness of it all. She came to me and put her hand on me to get my attention rather than yelling MOM over and over. It was so peaceful everyone commented on it, but James took over with the motormouth thing. It was as if he was trying to make up for lost time. We finally sent him to go read a book. We were canning tomatoes and he was talking more than he was helping. Anyway, tomorrow Missy plans on talking. I plan on keeping it within certain positive parameters or we are back to NO-TALKING.

No Talking - UPDATED

A certain somebody is on a No- Talking restriction.

No talking today.

Tomorrow, if the words are nice, we'll let you talk, but as soon as the words turn unkind, disrespectful, and negative the No-Talking policy will reappear.

Unless someone has a better way of dealing with miserable little girls?

I've run clean out of ideas.


It's hilarious.
She gets it.
She does NOT talk.
She does a lot of sign language, 
but it's much harder to sign grumblings and disrespect than it is to use her mouth.
This child has been spouting words at an incredible speed to block me out
for several days, and so, this is such a peaceful relief.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Two Me's

**The gardener part of me is having a great day.

I thinned the carrots and the beets. Weeded several rows. Picked and cleaned veggies.

**The mom part of me is having a rotten day.

Oh the drama!

Oh the nonsense.

And it's not even Missy, though she's played the part in a shenanigan or two... I expect it from her.

It's all because he didn't "feel" like using the facilities and I asked him to go shower and get changed because I don't really like wet seven year olds sitting on the furniture or even on the carpet.  You know, inflexible, tyrannical mother that I am...

Thankfully, after Steve's 80 hour week last week, he was given mandatory low census this morning so he was around to help for some of the silliness.

But here's something interesting:

Yesterday we were walking with friends out by a cool rushing river. James was holding the man's hand and they were discussing birds. "Mr. Tom, do you know what bird makes this sound {insert very realistic, very clear bird call}?

"Yes, James, but can you tell me the name of the bird that makes that sound?

"It's a mourning dove!"

"Well, you are right about that!!"

Their conversation continued... while Vanessa and I were left in the dust gaping at each other.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Riding the Waves with Missy


Last evening the neighbor children wanted to come over. I said it would be okay for half an hour and then the twins would need to get pj's on. I also required the twins stay on the front lawn since I was pruning bushes and trees and I wanted to observe the interaction. The twins agreed.

The kiddos from next door really wanted to be on the trampoline and other places other than the front lawn. James was just up front and let them know that he was staying where he was told. Missy on the other hand, tried to figure out ways to go play elsewhere. When it was time for pj's James went and got ready for bed. Missy argued, fussed, and flat out disobeyed. I tried making it final by firmly sending her to her room and shutting down her arguing. Ha, she just walked out of my sight. I was on the top of ladder trimming a tree next to the house speaking to her face to face through a second story window. She thought since I was kind of indisposed she could just get away from the window and do her own thing. Yeah. Think again. I had to drop the pruning shears and make my way to the ground. Things escalated to crazy at this point. Steve joined me in working with her.

This morning was market day. Bri and I were up and picking tomatoes at the crack of dawn. The other girls were out walking and then picking cucumbers. We came in the house to find both twins lazing in bed and it was nearly 8 AM. They had no intention of making any moves even after I warned them I needed to leave in 20 minutes. Amazing. Not a flicker of hurry happened.

I left.

Missy commenced screaming.

James wisely decided to get his rear in gear.

Bri and I set up our booth at farmer's market and every little while I would call home only to hear this out of control screaming coming through the line. I told Vanessa I was coming home and she could take my place. She said, "Mom, there's NO POINT. You can't do anything. No one can do anything. She's in her room until she decides to stop. "

It's true. I couldn't do anything more than Vanessa had already done.

Two hours later they all showed up at market. Missy was clean, dressed, and in her right mind. I took her with me to run errands while the girls sold tomatoes. She's choosing to try and get away with not obeying in little things.

I'm feeling a little hard on her.

Enough already! You will never get your way by disobedience and screaming!

The kid's world is small and getting smaller. I can't trust for a second right now.

I realize that because I wasn't in the house at 7 when it was time to get up they didn't because they had no motivation as there was no sound of breakfast being made, or people taking showers, etc... It was one thing to not get up then because they are kids and kids are generally lazy. I get that. BUT when I did come in and asked them to get going and they balked... that was not okay.   I understand that these kids do better with everything being the same day in and day out, but life is NOT on schedule. Some parents would go out of their way to make sure the morning routine is impeccably reliable, but is that really doing them a service? I can't really control our life that way right now. My husband went to work at 2:40 AM this morning. Yesterday he went at 5 and the morning before at 6. Tomorrow he'll get to sleep in till 7. That's life.Variety happens.

I paid James to do the sign job as he's starting to lose the thrill of waving the heavy thing.

I wondered if we could even make a dent in our pile of tomatoes.... We SOLD all but one box of large and one basket of small salad tomatoes, which Cindy gratefully took home. The restaurants are so thrilled with the quality of the tomatoes they want grape tomatoes, eggplants, peppers and cucumber with their next order on Tuesday.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Metamorphasis of a Look

Is that better?

I was doing a blog tutorial with my friend, Katie, and the computer I was using only had some old pictures on it. I was sweating since our a/c is not working and the snow looked inviting. So, that's the real explanation of the snow pics yesterday.

Little Miss has been making an effort to be at breakfast by 8 AM. I instituted a new plan and ever since, she has been to breakfast. The first time she beat James to the table his nose was out of joint all day!
Pretty funny, actually. 
I didn't know he held his position in compliance with such pride!

We have this can of protein shake called Alive that Brianna uses while she is in treatment for her neck. Bri thinks it tastes fine, but it is green because it is made from peas. I gave Missy a large glass of it on a morning she did not show for breakfast early this week. She drank it but declared it was YUCKY! I told her, look, if you can't be here for breakfast because you don't want to get dressed and make your bed then you have to drink the shake and eat a banana when you finally do show up. Your body needs  to get energy from somewhere, but we can't hold breakfast until 11 AM!!
Our day must go on. 
 She'd rather get her behind in gear than drink that green stuff.

My breakfast
have mainly consisted of this:
Steve is not real impressed with my cooking lately.
Tomato sandwiches without bread just aren't quite the same.
(he eats gluten free)
and we've done some of this:
but yesterday I gave Katie about 80 lbs or so of very red ripe tomatoes
and then we had to go pick more.
Decided to skip the Thurs market and just keep to our little town.
So Friday is market day.
The girls have made contact with all the nice little restaurants in this town and we have made good customers of them. One is ordering 40lbs of tomatoes a week.

Steve was working at the little hospital in tourist town yesterday. He was bending over a leg wrapping in the ER when the patient shot up and said, "hey! there's a deer in here!"
Sure enough. A yearling had walked up the front door of the new hospital and activated the automatic doors. He walked in and then found himself trapped as the door closed behind him.
He decided to explore the place.
I think every patient and every nurse was paid a visit. Steve and some other guys blocked him into a room, but that didn't do much good, so they let him out and guided him along the halls to the open  door.
I think it sort of brightened their day.

James is playing with Missy's dolls.
The girls snapped a few pics....
and he wants to know if I am going to blog them!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I'm Just HOT :-)

To the Dentist WE WILL GO

Like it or not!!

It was Buster Brown's turn first. He was excited. They give you a new toothbrush and a balloon and a little tube of toothpaste, and that's pretty exciting when you are 7. He's been there before. We headed off happily. We were playing in the waiting room just fine. They have a wii... which we don't know how to use, but we were attempting to canoe down the river with it when Jame's name was called.

Changing gears does not go over so well... He started to cry about it and suddenly he was acting ANGRY - SCREAMING at the top of his lungs. I soon realized he was probably terrified for some unknown reason. We've done this before without mishap.

Except wait a second....

Last time I scheduled his dental appointment he went ballistic before we even got to the dentist while we were still at speech. He was screaming his head off and I thought he was just being uncooperative with the speech teacher because he didn't want to go to speech first.


Maybe I made a mistake in how I handled that. I drove him straight home and put him in his room to scream all he wanted.

Maybe he got what he wanted. He went home instead of to the dentist.

So yesterday, I was fearful that they would send us home and I knew he needed to face the giant otherwise I would never, ever be able to get his teeth looked at. Instead they gave us a private room with a door. After praying with him and calming him down on my lap, etc... he would go nuts every time we approached the dentist chair. Finally I put him in it and sat on him. He managed to throw me off once, but I got a better grip and the hygienist managed to convince him that she was just wanting to brush his teeth. I told him the chair was special because it gave rides up and down.... so it was demonstrated and after that everything was fine.


Everything was fine except for the stupid movie they had playing above his head.The snatches I heard of Madagascar is disgusting. I was positively appalled that this is considered kid material.

Missy is throwing a great big tantrum in her room. She wanted to go with the girls and even got her shoes on, but the plan never was for her to go anywhere. She got upset with me when I said no. A little bit ago I asked her what happens when you throw a tantrum?

She said, "no swimming"

and then proceeded to really have a tantrum. Yes, and friends are joining us for swimming today.

Oh, well. her choice.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Hang On a Second

While I bore you with my tomatoes....

We picked 13 five gallon buckets of tomatoes yesterday. Talk about blessings from heaven!  We're all set to go back to the market, again. After sorting out the blemished ones we canned a bunch. The girls finished doing down the nectarines and the peaches. I'm sure we'll be canning a lot more tomatoes, though.  Cindy, Becky, Katie, and Maria are all lined up waiting for my sos call to come and get canning tomatoes.

Missy had a horrible-no good- very- bad - day yesterday. Pretty much she kept landing in bed and finally around 4 pm she decided to call it quits on the game. And we all had a great evening. Today she will be fine as there is a swim party this afternoon for her and her little friends from Sabbath school. Amazing how that works. She knows she won't go if she is not nice to be around, so she's pleasant today. She's even singing, "I'm so happy, so very happy!" If I could just figure out where  that happy switch was!!

I made a great discovery quite by accident. I saw this little trial packet for CALM, a magnesium supplement at the health food store. I have been hearing a lot about how we are deficient in magnesium so I bought the packet and stirred it up in my water. I don't know what I was expecting, maybe a little more energy, or something BUT I SLEPT like a baby. I couldn't believe it! Do you know how hard it is to sleep? Drove me back to town and bought the big container and I'm sleeping like a log. YAY!! Thank you, Lord. I need my 8 hours.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Typical Morning.

We had some really good speakers for the North West Youth Conference. We enjoyed what we could participate in. James Rafferty and Christian Berdahl  inspired our hearts. We came home kind of late after the concert last night. Missy was asleep in the car and as expected we're walking on eggshells around her this morning.

Child of mine!!

I have pretty much decided there are some things she may never learn.

Our number one trial is first thing every morning.

She gets out of bed. She even smiles and engages in decent conversation until someone reminds her of what needs to be done. If no one told her to do anything and she got her every whim and way life would be a peach. Well, maybe. At least that seems to be her goal;  to train this whole household to treat every day like a vacation and to live each moment by inclination.

Eighteen months and the kid has not been able to teach us a thing about how a morning is suppose to run.

It's got to be frustrating.

I know.

Eighteen months and I have not been able to teach this kid a thing about how a morning is suppose to run, either.

This morning was no different.

I set the timer.

She flung herself on her bedroom floor.


A while  later I found Christina on her knees working  with the Misery. She accomplished what I could not and got the smile back. Missy then accomplished her routine in record time. However, the timer rang LONG before she finished because she wasted the first part of her morning before Christina prayed with her.

Breakfast was cleared away. I allowed her a banana and her vitamins and put some strong perimeters on what I would allow in terms of complaining.


I don't know.

But it was an awesome blessing to see my 13 year old on the floor, on her knees working with the kiddo to bring about a happy attitude. Maybe the misery was worth it, just to see that!!

The Savior regards with infinite tenderness 
the souls whom He has purchased with His blood. 
They are the claim of His Love. 
He looks upon them with unutterable longing. 
His heart is drawn out, 
not only to the best-trained and most attractive
children but to those who by inheritance and 
through neglect have objectionable traits of character. . . 
Jesus looks upon these children with pity. 
He traces from cause to effect.
MH 44

Friday, August 19, 2011

Market Day

James is enthralled with the Farmer's market.  He is a born salesman. He was all busy, busy constantly rearranging the table and trying to engage the customers in conversation and promoting what he thought they overlooked.. He let the people know that WE grew those tomatoes and he weeded that patch! It was so cool to see him display pride in our product.

It's a small market right in our town. There was a whole 3 other vendors,
and I can't say that there was a ton of customers,
but it was a learning experience all around.

Christina was learning to give change. I was teaching her to count up from the amount to the amount of cash given her. She was getting that concept down, but plopped the handful of money right into the lady's hand
and the woman said,
"Oh, now you have to count it back to me."
The lady proceeded to show her how it is done.

There's weighing the tomatoes,
adding up the totals on the spot in your head,
there's helping customer's pick out the tomatoes they want,
as well as taking money and giving back change.

There was visiting with and learning from the other venders... pricing, scales, other markets, etc...
The guy in charge wants us to go to Thursday market in E. Town.
Everyone was amazed that we kept pulling out more tomatoes!
It's been an incredibly slow year for tomatoes.
Most people don't have any.

We were gently chided for not bringing our other produce...
but I wasn't sure how much you had to have, how to price them, etc...
In the end, we can only sell what we can't use.
Feeding this gang comes first.

Everybody thought the experience was kind of fun... 
except Steve thought we needed to add a little life to the party...

So, there's this guy in town that stands on the street corner with a pizza sign. 
He wears headphones and literally dances the day away with his sign on the side of the road.
We always laugh
and actually admire the guy
for sticking it out all these years on this crazy job.
He twirls and wiggles and it's comical to say the least
and he's one of "those nutty" people we would never, ever want to be!

Well, apparently Steve has been taking lessons.

He grabbed our sign
and the next thing we knew. . . . . . 

He had signed up the little people!

It actually does the trick, though.
Even the other venders commented that it brought the people in.
So, I guess it's now part of our job. ;-\

 On the way home Bri wanted to stop at a CUTE little restaurant just down the road.
She went in with a big basket of tomatoes.... but the place was like a bee hive
and she was asked to come back at 4 when things slowed down a bit.
She lugged her big basket to the car and turned around to find she had a following
of drooling restaurant customers...
We nearly sold out right there on the corner.
One lady bought $50 dollars worth.
We had to go pick more for the 4 PM appointment
She's got a buyer  and they wanted to know what else she could sell them.

It's all about LOCAL CROPS around here.


We came home pretty happy.
Had corn on the cob for lunch.
James threw Holly a cob.
It's her favorite doggy treat.
We didn't know it was Tank's favorite doggy treat and he quickly stole it from her.
Holly always shares.
Tank doesn't.
Sasha went for her share and was killed on the spot.
I don't think Tank intended to kill her. He just lunged at her neck and broke it instantly in one second flat.
Missy was beside herself with grief.
She loves her kitties.
I have to say I was relieved to see her so naturally upset and genuinely torn up about the death.
She wasn't able to express that before in the same way.
 She wants TANK to GO HOME NOW!

Poor Tank. He didn't mean to kill the cat.

Tank is an awesome golden retriever with a gorgeous, big square face.
He is one of Holly's pups and belongs to our violin teacher.
We always babysit when they go out of town.
He doesn't so much as hurt the ducklings, but DON'T mess with his corn!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Twenty Years Ago Today

I married my best friend.

I'd show you a before and after pic, (of what 20 years does to a couple)  but it's crazy busy around here.

So, instead of going "out" we decided to do a project together. We decided to replace the kitchen window.

Not that it needed it, or anything....

Just couldn't see through it anymore.

I have wished this window was bigger for years
and so
it wasn't just a matter of replacing it.

and well, it quickly turned into a job way over my head
and my husband  - he's a great nurse -
he was beginning to sweat,
just a little.


Uncle Rob from California showed up.
The poor guy drove a straight 16 hours here
and then 
we put him to work.
it doesn't take us too many years to complete this project
so I can show you the finished work.
just joking... ahem.... not!

Yesterday was Steve B-day.
He puts in a few shifts a week at the little hospital in tourist town.
The hospital overlooks the river,
so we met him there after work and brought a picnic.
It was the first time our little family had been together just us
in over 3 months.
It was kind of special.




Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Happy Day

Missy woke up determined to be happy and get her things done with a happy face. She was tired of the restrictions that come with unwillingness to comply. It was, after all, the last day to play with the cousins, and the neighbor kids have been hanging out here a lot and she was tired of sitting grumpily by watching them play.

Even this morning she was the first one to sit at the table to wait for breakfast. It helps that it is Daddy's birthday and we have "PLANS!" and there's nothing she likes better than a birthday! She didn't know it was his birthday until last evening but when she found out she was completely animated in her joy. She was oblivious to our laughter at her antics and chatter. She asked how old he would be and was completely gullible and excepting of all the age guesses thrown her way - everything from 42 to 50. If you have never heard Vanessa really, really laugh, you've missed out on something.

Our guests left at 3:30 AM. By leaving while James as asleep they unwittingly spared him the trauma of goodbyes. However, he's less than cheerful this morning and we all know why.

I took the kids to the Icicle in the afternoon. This river was aptly named. Our cold summer hasn't warmed it a wit! Mister!! I stuck my feet in the water and it was instant pain in every joint all the way to the hips. The kids managed to have fun, though none of them stayed in the water more than a few seconds at a time.

I thought I would treat the kids after the river with Gelato - a dairy free ice-cream found in "tourist town". Ha! Think again. At $3.50  for a small ice-cream cone times 8 kids..... nope.  I found Amish candy sticks at 6 for a dollar. They were just as happy.

 Missy found the COLD water exhilarating.

 The water is SO cold that the kids would dig pits that would fill with water that would warm in the sun.
The kids would then sit in them to defrost.

 See that croc?
First it was a boat, but
it's tied to a piece of fishing line that James is towing.
It made for a comical walk through the park to the car. 
Everyone noticed the shoe walking along by itself and commented.
Little kids laughed and giggled.
Teenagers even took a second look and said stuff like,
"Ummm... interesting!"
And even though Bri knew about it, 
it still managed to freak her out when it came trotting along past her.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Hope and A Future

Jeremiah 29: 11

What kind of day will it be?

It's rather strange that the youngest member of the family thinks she can decide what kind of day WE are going to have. Well, I have news for her. She can only choose what kind of day SHE will have. The rest of us will choose for ourselves. Thank you very much. (okay. easier said than done, but for the most part it's true.)

She has had 2 of the kind of days in a row that I would not choose.

This morning is shaping up differently so far. PTL!

But here is something that makes me question what is really at the bottom of these downward spirals... she stinks when she's in crabby mode. Literally. It's no joke. Her body odor, her breath, everything. reeks. I know that when she gets gluten she smells awful. It was the first thing everybody noticed when we took her off gluten last year - her halitosis went away over night. . . well, except that when she's sullen and contrary it comes back.. Is that suppose to be a clue to something? ANYBODY KNOW?

I know that being ill-tempered is stressful in and of itself. Could the halitosis just be a sign of stress?

Or is she miserable partly because she doesn't feel good?

Julie suggests Missy is dealing with candida yeast. NO DOUBT she is. I am almost certain of that. It's probably about time to address that.

Anyway, I am open to suggestions for what I should do next.

I don't know about you, but have a harder time with the downward mood swings after a long stretch of good, than I do with a consistent pattern of ups and downs. I even told myself to expect a major crash after all our guests left - but most of the guests have NOT even left yet so I can assume the worst is yet to be.  Maybe I was still off my guard a little, but a  mere suggestion that this is just who she is loosens  my grip on HOPE for a better future for her. AND I CAN'T go there!

God is good, though. He doesn't leave me to despair... I grabbed a book on my way out of house yesterday. An old worn paperback of The Ministry of Healing that I drag around with me a lot. Awesome book. I highly recommend it. I randomly flipped the pages when I had to wait in town and landed on this:

Jesus knows the circumstances of every soul. The greater the sinner's guilt, the more he needs the Savior. His heart of divine love and sympathy is drawn out most of all for the one who is the most hopelessly entangled in the snares of the enemy. With His own blood He has signed the emancipation papers of the race.

Jesus does not desire those who have been purchased at such a cost to become the sport of the enemy's temptations. He does not desire us to be overcome and perish. He who curbed the lions in their den, and walked with His faithful witnesses amid the fiery flames, is just as ready to work in our behalf to subdue every evil in our natures. Today He is standing at the altar of mercy, presenting before God the prayers of those who desire His help. He turns no weeping, contrite one away. Freely He will pardon all who come to Him... He bids every trembling soul take courage. 

....No cry from a soul in need, though it fail of utterance in words, will be unheeded. Those who consent to enter into covenant with God are not left to the power of Satan or to the infirmity of their own nature.

Shall the prey be taken from the mighty, 
or the lawful captive delivered? 
 But thus saith the LORD, 
Even the captives of the mighty shall be taken away,
and the prey of the terrible shall be delivered:
for I will contend with him that contendeth with thee,
and I will save thy children.
.Isaiah 49:24.25

MH Chapter  Healing of the Soul
Pretty powerful words.If I can just lead the child to see her need of Jesus she has every hope of full recovery!

Monday, August 15, 2011

It's a Tantrum Waiting to Happen

Mom with all the boys at the airport.
Things are winding up as far as fun and vacation and having family over are concerned and Missy is tired and she's not going to hold it in any longer.

She was pushing the limits yesterday before breakfast and I was stubbornly pushing back. If you are going to stand there holding your water in your mouth for half an hour instead of drinking it, while everybody else is eating breakfast to make some sort of point, then I guess maybe you need two glasses of water!

The final straw was after breakfast. I was headed to take my mom to the airport and I told the kids they could all come if they could manage to comb their hair and all have clean T-shirts. Missy was told to get her booster out of the Honda and put it in the suburban. I saw her go to the Honda and open the door  - but when I looked in the suburban she was sitting in her seat without the booster with THAT LOOK. I called her to me and she scrambled to flee out the opposite door, but I remained firm that she come my way and I carried her out of the car and said, "I am sorry but you chose not to obey! You will stay home with Auntie".

She blew. I had warned everyone it was coming. I doubt they expected it to be quite that spectacular.

Unfortunately, she would not give my mom a hug or stop her tirade and totally disgusted my mother. Way to go to impress Memere, kiddo.

I left her in Julie and Vanessa's hands. They had her run to the mailbox and back and then she calmed and was sent to her room.

She missed swimming, which was cause for the second tantrum of the day. The afternoon and evening went fine and I kept her close to me in the garden. I did let her play with the kids for a short while and she went to bed with all sorts of promises that she was going to obey in the morning. Unfortunately, this kid wakes up a grump every morning and all promises fly out the window. . . .she refused to get going this morning. We finally had to "close the restaurant" as we could not wait for her all day. If she were trying it would be one thing, but to be blatant about keeping breakfast waiting... that's another story. To keep her from going up in steam I distracted her by sending her to the shower where she proceeded to disobey on every level. It will be a long day. Swimming is already out of the picture.

I'm working on the homeschool plan. Yesterday I worked on Christina's plan. Looks like she might get the flute teacher she has wanted for over a year!! I sure hope it works out because this would be a perfect fit, I think.

I can't help it. I'm dreading homeschooling the twins. I feel like I don't have the energy to deal with the character, behavioral and emotional stuff and teach them the three R's, too. I'm exhausted thinking about it. This is Christina's first year of homeschool high school, Brianna's first year of Running Start.... I can't cheat them on the support and help they need, either.

While we were at the airport, we decided to see what was flying at the radio flyer club.

Boys and their toys!