Saturday, January 22, 2011

To Church in Footy PJ's

She made quite a fashion statement.

Honestly, she asked for it. I reminded her that we had to be at church early today so she needed to get ready right away. She merely stood and watched everyone. She seemed not at all concerned that while everyone was eating she was standing in her pajamas watching. It was as if she was only a fly on the wall. People walked around her, did their thing, patted her on the head, gave her hugs, answered her questions, carried on and never blinked and eye and neither did she. Behind a closed door I complained to Steve that she was saving up the screaming for just when it was time to leave... It bothered me enough that I could not eat, but I didn't let her know in the least. I tried to appear as unconcerned as she.

Minutes before time to leave she asked if she could go to church. I calmly stated that she was going. And suddenly started accusing me of not letting her go to church. I looked at her in shock and said, "I never said you aren't going to church. YOU are LYING".

That's the way it is. She turns everything into me against her. I'm the one who made her pee her pants. I'm the one who made her cold. I'm the one who made her late....

Steve called out the "load her up, we're leaving" signal and she let out a blood curdling scream. We all walked out and she was yelling "I want to go to church!!!"

Yes, dear, get in the car.

"I'm not dressed!!!"

We walked out and she ran after us and slammed the door. She screamed in a rage in the car and Steve prayed out loud until she stopped.

We sit in the front pew. She was noticed by one and all. Thankfully, they are a understanding bunch and very supportive. No one seemed disgusted with me for allowing her to carry on in her folly. Many are praying for us.

Missy came home and quickly got dressed and did what she should have done this morning, and says she isn't going to do that anymore, but directly after lunch out of spite she spit toothpaste all over her clothes. She had the privilege of washing them out by hand and they are in the dryer, but we are going out for  a walk, so she'll get to wear her pajamas once again.


GB's Mom said...

Endurance- and lots of prayer. I am praying for you and me (Hope hasn't actually made it through dinner in weeks). {{{Hugs}}}

J. said...

My boys wore pjs a lot that first year, good for you for following through may bedtime be easy

Jennifer said...

You have certainly been through the fire this week. Just catching up. Keep on keeping on. Praying for your strength and peace that passes understanding.

Kelly said...

You are so great at this consistent mommy thing. I would have caved. You are awesome.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your example sis. It inspires me so much and every time I read your blog I determine afresh to be faithful and to follow God's plan for child training. Your children will, by God's grace, arise up one day and call you blessed. I love you. Antionette

Holly said...

Oh, sweet sister, you are doing such a great job. I know it must be the hardest job ever, but you are perservering. What a blessing to have such a great, supportive church family. What a blessing you are to those children, whether they realize it or not. Don't forget that you are doing the right thing, and that God is taking notice. I think He's saving one of the best spots in heaven for you! Keep on keeping on, and I can only pray that I would be able to have the strength that you have in this situation. God bless you!

Karen said...

I am sorry but I got a wonderful sense of relief when I read this post.... I live this!!! I know many others go through this... but it is really nice to read and know that we are not alone :) It is tough and so glad that you have understanding church family.

BTW... It's my fault that my child wets her pants too :)

Praying that we all have a better day tomorrow!