Monday, January 24, 2011

Creating My Own Break

I decided I must absolutely have a break. I am starting to react to the pay-backs and repercussions.  While I think a couple hours hiking would be the ticket to cutting back on the nonsense, I just don't feel like hiking in the mud today. There isn't any snow left on our side of the valley.

I sent them both out and told them they are on "time-out" outside. Two quick knocks on the door means they need to use the bathroom, otherwise they cannot open the door and holler at me every couple minutes. Basically, I put myself in time-out for some blessed peace. Christina is washing dishes I'm cleaning house with Katie Millea's CD turned way up.

Anyway, looking out the window I see he's riding his bike and she's chasing him up and down the road on foot, so maybe they'll get all the benefits of a hike their own way.

And here's my latest gluten free recipe experiment:  Berry Wondi Bars ~ A total hit for this fam!!


Karen said...

Good for you! I hope it helped. I wish we were closer as well.... I would be using that mountain of yours!!! LOL!

Hope the rest of the day went well and tomorrow will be better.

Sarah has been with us almost the same amount of time the twins have been with you... it has been a LONG year. Let's pray that 2011 be the year of healing for these little hearts. I will be happy to have just "normal" drama :)

Karen said...
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Karen said...
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Jennifer said...

The bars look fabulous. Recipe? One day at a time by the grace of God.

~marci~ said...

Oh those bars look yummy! Prayers for you today!