Monday, January 17, 2011

Inspired By Paint

It's hard not to get inspired 
when there are artists in the house.

Brianna's been at it again...
and thus
Missy was inspired.

and in turn
Buster was inspired.
Tracing is so good for developing that fine motor skill.
The physical therapist really recommends having  the children draw on a vertical surface as it somehow develops the wrist action.
 Missy prefers the light table on the floor...

She appreciates Brianna's expertise and all the tips she will share (not to mention the tools of the trade).
She's also pleased with the end product enough to start on another painting thought she's been at it for 2 hours. 

I guess you can tell the twins gave up the idea of holding off on the morning chores
and they moved on to better things.
 Obviously, her paper was of a much higher quality than his.

I hope you were inspired by something today. 
As for me, I was inspired by the sunshine to clean the garage and burn a pile of cardboard boxes.
Now, I shall try and get inspired to finish the laundry.

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Oldqueen44 said...

Beautiful art work. Briana is a gem.