Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I Need a Bridle -- Update

'Cause I am having a difficult time keeping my mouth shut this morning. The twins are doing well, actually, and both are dressed and things are getting done... maybe not exactly how I would, but we are moving along.

I sort of thought today would go fine, it's tomorrow I am worried about.

Even so, I am having to turn away and close my jaw and pray for strength to carry through every time  I see something being done out of order or someone sitting around. I think they've trained ME to do a lot of talking! And they want me to. They keep putting out the bate. LOL!

We are really working on their habit of yelling Mommy over and over and over and over again. It's very controlling and very obnoxious and the more impatient they are the more insistent and loud they get.  I am learning to walk away until it stops and it is getting better.

I wish the weather would decide what it wants. I'm tired of all night migraines.

*** Update:

Okay, not so good. Tantrums and lying have commenced... Every time a tantrum starts the song, "I Will Sing of My Redeemer pops into my head. It's helpful!

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Traci T. said...

Now "I Will Sing of My Redeemer" is in my head! Thanks, I love that song! *LOL*