Tuesday, January 31, 2012

All My Sickies

They're falling like dominoes....



Runny noses

Vanessa is quite sick. The twins don't act sick but they have fevers, runny noses and flushed faces.

Bri and Christina are fighting....

I was visiting with a social worker yesterday.
It had nothing to do with the twins, but Missy can sniff out a social worker a mile away.
She was on high alert.
She must have said it about three times, "But we're *****'s (our last name) now!!"
Yes, kiddo you are one of us now.
There's not a thing to worry about.

I don't want to lose our foster care license after all it takes to get one.
We were in danger of losing it.
We are now moving it from a private agency to the local DSHS
where I can keep it up-to-date more easily
and maybe actually use it.
The last time we did respite it was such a big deal for the other foster family to get an okay to have us watch their kid for a weekend because our license was not with the regular system.
That will all be changed very soon.


Jenny said...

We are fighting the same thing. Some have made it through without needing a dr visit. I am taking two to the doctor this morning. I hope everyone recovers quickly!

Melanie said...

We hope to do respite foster care as well. Had I known 2.5 years ago what I know now we would have gone straight through our county DHR. I believe we would have been approved a year ago had it not been for the agency.