Monday, January 9, 2012

Because I Can

I took the math page from yesterday to the teacher at the academy. I told her our woes. I asked her to double check for me and ascertain if my assumption is correct that he does indeed understand the concepts and that he  is trying to pull my leg. Note it took him all of ten minutes to finish the page this morning even with him still pretending half the time that he didn't comprehend. He did want to enjoy a leisure breakfast, so he hurried his games a little.

Missy tried to pull a fast one last night. She's been watching the goings on and when James starts to tantrum and put on a display she has serious signs of post traumatic stress with her wild eyes and fight or flight response, but still she thought she was missing out on something. She kept asking to do math. I said no a few times. When she asked why, I told her she didn't have a math book. Then she brought out a math project from James' cupboard and asked if she could do it.

"I guess if you want to that bad."

Immediately she started, "Can you come here and help me, please." 

"No. I am not going there. I have done enough math today."

Then she brought it to me.

She didn't really want to do it, though, she wanted to have that kind of attention.

I was weary of it. Christina came by and tried to help her with the steps and wouldn't you know it.... She did exactly what James would have done. If she was told to add one block, she took one away. If she was told to take one away she would add one. All with this smug look.

I just shut the book right then and told her, "goodnight. I'll see you in the morning".

She got this, "oh, brother, I'm busted" look.

I didn't sleep much. I'm praying for help. I don't know whether to keep battling or change tactics. Just how important is this math thing anyway? 


GB's Mom said...

{{{Hugs}}} You are not alone!

Anonymous said...

Change tactics, dearheart, change tactics. It's NOT about the math, for any of you.

QueenB said...

It's NOT!

C Dawn's bucket said...

I agree...totally not about the Math...