Sunday, January 8, 2012

Dirty Doggy Scrub Scrub

We are still doing math, or I should say we are finally doing math, but I'm not as frazzled as I was thanks to all who talked me down from my tree. Buster Brown brought up about ten logs and it took him about three hours. I know, crazy, but what can I do? I can't make him be fast, either.

He agreed to do a page, but then the girls took him on a two mile bike ride - well make that one mile of coasting and one mile of bike pushing home.

Then I invited him to use a box and an upside down bucket as his desk and chair in the laundry room to work on his page as far away from the rest of the family as possible. I was in and out doing laundry and I noticed that nothing happened when I was out, so I swept around him, every time he tried to engage me I suddenly had urgent business elsewhere. He did one side.

Vanessa offered to take him on a run, so I sent him for the exercise. After supper I sent him down to work at the big desk. He keeps coming up to show me how he's done his problems wrong. I smile and send him down again. At least he is putting pencil to paper. I'll give him that. It is better to make a mistake than to not try at all so I am not saying a whole lot even though I would bet his errors are intentional.

BUT here is the reason for the post and it's connection to the title: I was sitting in the living room expecting Buster to show up yet again with his math page when suddenly right behind my head I heard as clear as anything a portion of the Dirty Doggy Scrub Scrub variation of Twinkle being played on a very small violin in tandem with someone on the piano! I thought Bri was playing around with Missy's violin again, but you can only imagine my surprise when I twirled the lazy-boy around to find Missy grinning at me and holding her violin!!

She's doing it folks.

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Jennifer P said...

Oh goodness, glad there was a bright spot. Yeah for Missy and music. I'm learning here with your math story. Thank you for sharing your struggles. What IS the motivation for all this attitude? I wonder every day.....