Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Feeling Fluezy

Vanessa had not choice but to go to school today. Today was the day to turn in paperwork for scholarships and she had to be there. She is a bit better.

James and Missy did not act sick yesterday. Even when the low grade fever spiked to 103 Missy was kind of bouncing and wandering around as though not knowing what to do with herself.  Today is another story. The twins are quiet and sleepy and not much interested in food. We'll have to take Missy to the doctor, I think. We don't go to the doctor for anything usually, and especially not for the flue, but Missy is high risk for ear infections and I can't depend on her telling me that her ears hurt. We can't hazard more damage to her hearing.

Christina and Brianna have sore throats. . .


Vanessa was asked if she was interested in a job grading papers at the college a few weeks ago. This week they doubled her hours. She has an unusual evening harp job lined up for this month... a chocolate festival for seniors at an assisted living and their families. She's used to playing for their mother's day or valentine banquets, but this is a little new. She has a weekend to "senior"-sit an elderly couple this month also. Along with her usual Sunday piano job, the last few weeks she has had the sermon for the Spanish church, music for Valley View, delivered a sermon  for the Sunday church, etc... very busy! She just doesn't have time to be sick.


GB's Mom said...

Hope everybody feels better soon!

Melanie said...

Praying everyone gets well. Maybe this is a good time for you to recoup while the twins aren't in full gear.

Kelly said...

Hope everyone gets well soon.

Raleigh has been home sick from school for two days with a fever.