Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Missy's First Day of First Grade

Such excitement!!!

Missy was up at 6 AM and she motored through her morning routine so smoothly she was able to get in a violin lesson with Brianna and do some of her PT exercises before we drove her to school.

I stayed for the first hour to see how she would do. She was a tad overwhelmed when everyone arrived in her room. She kind of got this glazed look, but she attempted to participate in everything. She really is a very social creature . . . however there is little time for any real one-on-one socializing and for now that is all good.

I'm really not a bad mommy,
She IS wearing leggings to keep warm....but she's grown,
or they've shrunk and
there's that gap between them and the tops of her socks...
It felt weird. All these 18 years I have been a mom and
I have never sent a child off to school until they were college age.
I was all emotional!!
But it's for the best right now.

Violin lessons are going very well.
Brianna is a born teacher.
(Me not so much. I couldn't remember what Brianna tried to show me for 5 minutes.)
Missy loves it!
James started piano and has amazed me.
Vanessa is his teacher.
We are not following the orthodox methods....
They get a 15 minute lesson once or twice a day and it's exciting to see them already progressing.
I finally labeled the blue boxes.
Instead of taking the next box in the stack,
the stinkers were searching through to find the box they wanted!!

I will soon be looking for new items to put in the boxes
as the kiddos are mastering things fairly quickly.
Missy has board puzzles down pat.
I even tried mixing up the puzzle pieces together
so that she was doing multiple puzzles at once.
No problem!
She was done in less than 5 minutes.


Bethany said...

Sound like the blue box are a great idea. It is great that they are mastering the activities in them.

Jen said...

I really like the blue box idea. I may try that.

Yeah lately i haven't had much time to read blogs much less write. =) But things are beginning to calm down and routines are sticking so maybe soon I can start blogging again.

Oldqueen44 said...

I was excited to hear about her first day of school.
The boxes turned out great.