Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Okay, I'm Over It

I think.

LOL on my Dad's comment. "They'll all catch up or die young." Well now we know he's alive. Been trying to call my parents for 4 days and they never answer. Maybe they are out of the country or, as the kids were joking around last night, after having all five girls stay in their hotel room with them at GYC maybe they don't like us so well anymore. Vanessa says, we know they love us, but I don't know if they like us anymore :-) Five teenage girls and their non-stop chatter and laughing .... Country kids you know, cooped up in city buildings can get a little crazy.

It is not the healthy food that makes me cringe - it's the amount of food a child eats on a whole food diet. I have flashbacks of people making comments about me as a kid eating a lot. For pity's sake, as a kid I ate all of two meals a day! I was never hungry at supper time. I grew fine and healthy. But when I ate, I ate well and people made comments.

I'm making the best use of my few quiet hours. You should see the mess my kitchen is in. I tore through all the kitchen cupboards and the freezer organizing all the food. We've got a major pile of packaging materials for the trash barrel. Hey, I might even be into cooking if we get real organized.

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