Friday, January 27, 2012


Does anyone have tips to share on doing our taxes this year?

Is claiming adoption complicated?

I am thinking we can claim that we adopted 2 special needs kids in 2011.

Should we get someone to help us with our taxes this year?

Is this going to delay our Income tax return?


Mama D.'s Dozen said...

Did you finalize their adoption in 2011? If so, you can claim them.

We have always used TurboTax, and did for our adoption tax credit, as well.

Very few people get their adoption tax credit without going through a long process. We filed in April, and got our refund in September. We did, however, get a partial refund earlier (the part not for the adoption). Others have waited much longer for their adoption credits.

Pop me an email if you have more questions.

Oldqueen44 said...

Make sure they know the children are special needs. The rules are different for children that aren't. I think the process is less complicated when they are special needs.

Kelly said...

Not complicated.

I did ours.

You need proof they are special needs. I sent all the documentation that is listed in instruction manual but I also had my SW write a letter stating that they are special needs and why.

Yes, it delays it a long time.

Mama said...

It's not difficult as long as you have all your documentation. If your adoption credit ends up being more than the actual taxes you owe then you may have to carry over part of the credit to the next year (we had to do that) because you can't get back more money than you were supposed to have paid. We used turbo tax and it was pretty straight forward. We did end up getting audited because we don't normally get that big of a refund, but that's when we supplied all the documentation we had and everything was fine.

Diane said...

If your kids are adopted from foster care and have any type of subsidy agreement (such as for Medicaid), copy the signed subsidy agreement and the certified adoption decree from the court and attach them to your tax return. You might want to make 2 copies, because they will probably ask for a copy later, even though you already sent it. The state subsidy agreement is proof that they are special needs. Starting in 2010, the special needs adoption tax credit is refundable, which means you get it all, regardless of how much you owe in taxes.

Acceptance with Joy said...

Thank you!! That answers my questions well. We did finalize the twins in 2011 so, here we go!!

Jenny said...

We attached the subsidy agreements and the adoption decree and we didn't have any problems with the special needs issue. Believe it or not, ours was processed timely by the IRS. It shouldn't be a difficult process, unless the IRS chooses to make it one.