Tuesday, January 3, 2012


My vegan friends will be able to relate...

I just  knew this was coming.

While packing Missy's lunch the night before I was stressing over what to put in it.

We are vegan

and she's gluten free.

P&J sandwiches are out of the question.

And she doesn't do well with the gluten free alternative breads. I finally packed a granola bar, a juice box and a potpie. I had made a bunch of small potpies in tinfoil pans for Steve to take to work. He's gluten free, too. The little pie fit perfectly in her lunch container, but I just knew no one would believe that she could eat the entire thing...

Vanessa went to pick up Missy from school (on foot three miles each way, because we are down to two cars in working order). The teacher was sitting with Missy in the office waiting and what does she say as Vanessa enters?

"I can't believe she at that entire pie!!!!!!!!!! She ate every bite and didn't leave a crumb. We all stood there in utter amazement and watched her eat it all."

Vanessa laughed and said, "We don't have problems eating at our house."

She then called me laughing... and I'm all flustered 'cause I don't know how else to pack a lunch. . . and I don't want to create a spectacle every day!!!!

Somebody has to understand the kid can't eat bread. She's allergic to dairy. She doesn't eat meat. She eats a very wholesome diet of fruit and vegetables, nuts and seeds and a limited array of grains. We pretty much avoid fat and sugar. She's thin as a pencil and eats three SQUARE meals a day. If I didn't limit her she would be a glutton because she hasn't learned self-control yet, but I FILL her plate three times a day. I pay close attention to how much she needs and how much is not enough or how much is too much ... I just knew this was going to happen!

Oh dear!

Tonight I packed a banana, a little zip lock of corn chips, a granola bar, some dried pears, a box of juice, and a zip lock of carrot sticks and sugar-snap peas. Does that sound right to you?  Ack!!!I'm going to hate this part of school.

If she's still hungry when she gets home I guess I'll feed her.  :-?


C Dawn's bucket said...

It is so hard when you are worrying about what other people think. I think *ha* that you should just pack her a lunch like what she has at home (in a packed lunch friendly way) and know she's well fed. Better well fed and able to learn than hungry and acting up.

Bethany said...

As long as it is not bothering her, don't worry to much about it. Pack her the foods that she would normally eat in a lunch box friendly manner and she should be fine. Also the novelty of it will probably wear off quite quickly and then will be one to other topics.

Dee said...

What's embarassing? That you are packing her a nutritional lunch based on her nutritional needs...that is awesome! The other moms need to get a clue. You keep packing her the lunch in the exact same way. Maybe it was just shocking to them because most kids in the system throw most of their food away uneaten. I know this from having my daughter work at a daycare. She couldn't believe how whole packed lunches went straight into the garbage can. You keep packing them in the exact same way. As one of the other posters posted, eventually the novelty of how much she's eaten and how her lunches are packed will wear off. The teachers are used to seeing hohos, salty chips, and a different type of packed lunch.

You could also send the teacher a little note about Missy's nutritional allergies and needs and the whys her lunch is packed a specific way, but really, I don't even think it will matter in a few days.

You are doing a great job!!! God sees all your hard work for the least of those beautiful babies!!!

Dee (((Hugs))

Anonymous said...

Hey Ange, this mole hill is just a mountain in your mind. Relax, the onlookers will catch up or die young. Dad

Barbara said...

Gluten-free, vegan lunches just aren't traditional. I had to let go of looking "normal" when I was diagnosed. Sandwiches are a rarety in my lunches. Have you seen the zucchini patties on my website? They are my mainstay for quick lunches. I make huge batches and freeze them. Then I have fast food. Bread is optional. I usually have a little bowl of leftovers, or soup in my sack lunch. You might be able to make her simple crackers to take with her soup. That might look more traditional. I'm sure people will adjust soon. You're doing great!