Friday, January 20, 2012

A New Twist on an Old Battle

Missy is still making unahppy sounds in her bedroom one hour since she should have been in school.

The first couple weeks of going to school was great and new and exciting.

Now school is still great and fun and exciting, but getting ready for school and getting through the morning routine is NOT.

We're back to our morning fight.

One morning this week she was late. A lot late, because she couldn't get herself together. The next morning I put her in the car screaming and half dressed. This morning I refused to listen to the screaming. I sat in the car and waited. I'll skip middle of the story because it's about more screaming and I wouldn't let her in the car like that. We came in and I sent her to her room to cool down and I sat at the breakfast bar to eat an apple. When I couldn't swallow it I realized I was taking it all way to personally and I got up and hopped in the car and drove away to where I couldn't hear it. Poor Christina! Missy is calmed down some, though not happy. I'm afraid to speak to her yet. I don't know whether to just let her be in the quiet of her room this morning or to try and get her to the last half of her school time.

I was afraid it would be this way.

I don't know that it will make a difference, but I am going to try and figure out if there are things she can do at a different time of day. Some things are not optional. She has to get dressed. She has to brush her teeth. Maybe she can feed her rabbit later, though.

We are suppose to give thanks in everything so I have been trying.

I am thankful for the trial to sand off my rough edges.
I am thankful I have a little girl.
I am thankful that she likes school and that she is learning there.
I am thankful that God has the answer to this morning problem.

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Kelly said...

Man this stinks. I am so sorry. I think of you so many times each day, and say a little prayer for you.