Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I think we are finally getting our winter's worth of snow today.
Buster Brown is happy about that.
He practically volunteered to do the dishes this morning,
so he must be happy.

And ahem...

Dad is home today,

sooooo, when the little gaffer had sudden paralysis of the mouth when asked to repeat his memory verse this morning (which he normally likes to do, but as he's pledged himself to noncompliance....well, you know...) and dad whispered that he had time to take him hiking today if it was needed


all trials and tribulations vanished.


he discovered it IS SNOWING!

We are planning a snow day tomorrow with invitations out to all sledding deprived children we can find. There's quite a few in these here parts!

It backfires every time I make a hard and fast rule.

Had some kids from choir thinking they could just not come to practice but still be in the program. (Like, huh????) and so I said if anybody was not at rehearsal today they were NOT going to be in the program on the 28th.  Now it's snowing like a blizzard and if half the kids can't make it - what kind of program will that be???

Like I say, happens every time. Will I ever learn?

(Choir is Canceled. Program postponed!)

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