Sunday, January 22, 2012

Foggy Brains and American Government . . .

don't go together.
Or at least studying American Government/History and my foggy,
migraine head don't work together real well.
I thought the American Government was into SLOW... as in red-tape and snails pace, and all that.
Didn't we just apply for this citizenship thing two weeks ago?
I wasn't thinking I would have to be prepared for an interview by this week.

Alas, but I hate politics, government and all that tedious stuff.
The history is the only part I am fine with.

I'm suppose to care that there are 435 representatives for congress and two senators for each State if I want to become a citizen? I can hardly keep the executive branch, legislative branch, judicial branch, supreme court, congress, the cabinet and senate  mapped out let alone people's names attached to their offices. Truly I'm nearing the stage of life where I have to write post-it notes with my kids names on them! Forget people I don't know.

I was one of those lucky homeschooled kids. We didn't study government. Or not at least until it caught up with me somewhere in 11th or 12th grade. I was living in Lesotho at the time and I was doing this government homeschool course. Seriously though, studying South African government during the days of the apartheid... yeah, real helpful to me - then and now.


It hasn't stopped snowing yet.

Sledding was on the agenda for the kids today. The big girls did their share of sledding, too. My 5 and 5 from the neighbor's house makes for one big continuous party all day. Missy could hardly drag herself into the house tonight and was asleep before you could snap your fingers twice. James took a little longer as he had some serious washing up to do. He'd soaked his snow suite through from the inside out multiple times. Sadly, I have no idea how to break of him this disgusting habit.

There is so much snow the roads are a mess.  Winter has arrived.

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