Monday, January 9, 2012

Winter Gardening

Our salads are amazing. :-)

Does anybody remember when the twins were in a stand-off over getting dressed in the morning?
Do you remember it took Missy 10 days
and James 7 days
of screaming their heads off
and going to church in pj's 
before they decided to get dressed in the morning  before breakfast as expected?
I didn't make them.
I waited.
But we weren't exactly having a picnic while we waited.

I remember all too well.

I am happy to report that for more than a year they have gotten dressed without question 
before breakfast.

Does anybody remember that we were in a stand-off for three solid months
over toilet training when they were six years old?
I couldn't give in or I would be changing nearly 8 year old kids
poopy diaper to this day...

It was the closest thing to making them
do something 
that I have ever been.

It was all we did. And when they had their first successes at three months
it was still a fight for months to come.

No one else had been able to stick it out that long.
And they fully believed no one would.

So, I'm just wondering. . .
if I throw in the towel on writing numbers to 25
and thinking through which number is greater
and adding 1 + 1
What does that do for him?

It doesn't seem right
the waiting is such a waste of time.
He prays beautiful prayers about his problem,
but he doesn't put his will in God's hands.

He's had a lot of rest time today.
He had clothes to fold, too.
And running the compost down to the garden . . .
But he went to bed very early.

He only screamed at me once for about three seconds
today and he seemed ashamed of himself immediately.
The only thing he broke today was his eraser.
He sat counting and counting and counting but he wouldn't write the answers.
If I tried to help he immediately started giving wrong answers.

Come to think of it,
I prayed for patience.

{Is this called living to regret it?}


Summer said...

Stand FIRM!

I wish you could have seen the stand off, of stand-off's last night here in our home...

You would have let out a little chuckle of understanding.

Hang in there,

Mama D.'s Dozen said...

We know all about stand-offs here.

So sad. So hard.

Mama D.'s Dozen said...

"He prays beautiful prayers about his problem,
but he doesn't put his will in God's hands."

Right there with you.