Friday, January 20, 2012

Yes Sirreeeee!

A certain little boy is learning to tell time.

He can tell you the time on the hour and the half hour....

but don't confuse him with quarter hours,

or minutes. 

Not yet, anyway.

I'm thinking I know what an 8 year old boy 

who knows how to tell time should get for his birthday!!!

That's going to be one big deal around here.


I hope you all can keep a secret better than he can.

Not only is he learning to tell the time

he has patience enough to use the computer to do a couple of 

online telling the time games.

And he only cried three tears when I very artfully got him away 

from the computer

when I had decided he was done.

He did his math today without one trial.

He sat for 4 minutes with his hands folded and his 

back straight

without blinken' an eye.

Amazing, isn't it?

I am so thankful.

Life would be perfect if Missy hadn't completely 

picked up where he left off 

** on the attitude issues.**

ha! ha! just kidding. 

Life is good.  

I only have two little children and not ten. 

For that I am grateful.

(I can be grateful for that, can't I?

'cause He's only given me enough strength to deal with two.

But apparently I can only deal with one continuous bad attitude at a time.)

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Mama in Uganda said...

Grace. We have all been given varying measures :)

Blessings and patience,