Thursday, January 19, 2012

In That Case...

Please, pray for me
and Missy


I smile every time I think of it.
I can't help it.
A few posts back I was feeling very much like a failure
at this parenting with unconditional love thing...

and I received a comment from Anonymous.
Anonymous and I were not friends.
I don't like not knowing who is talking to me out of the 
deep, dark, foggy abyss.
Often Anonymous can say things they wouldn't say
if you knew who they were...
It's too easy to say what you think and hope nobody figures you out.

this time Anonymous was extremely helpful and kind.
Maybe they forgot to sign their name,
or maybe they forgot their name.

I loved their advice.
It was perfect.

Anonymous and I are now friends.

But I crack up  every time I think of it.

In that case I'll absolutely pray for you....

In that case...
maybe I'll have to whine every day
so that you'll pray for me.

'cause I'm a struggling
who hasn't got it all together
quite yet,
my faith is wimpy and frail. . .
and I get tired,
very tired of the battle.

I know that God is Greater than all our trials
and He will ultimately save these children
from themselves,
and me 
from myself,
it makes a difference when you pray for us.

Missy's had a rough morning. 
Regardless, I got her to school on time.


Anonymous said...

*Smile* That's what I'm here for- to be a blessing.

I'm praying for you, I have been praying for you, and will continue to pray for you.

Remember, the battle is not yours, but God's. Lift up your voice and sing, make it clear by your actions who's side you are on, rejoice that God is fighting for you.

2 Chronicles 20...

Anonymous said...

I love your blog. I have a 13 yr old girl who does all your little ones do. Hard times here to.