Monday, January 2, 2012


It's so hard to go from blessed normal peace 
right back to the crummy control issues and lying all over again. 
It's not horrible all the time, 
but we certainly have our moments!! 
There's this undercurrent of distrust and sneaky rebellion and 
when called on it they blow big time. 
Missy is under restriction
 - tied to the apron strings -
figuratively speaking.
Everything must come from mom.
She can't weedle for anything through big sisters.
One whine WILL put her in bed.
She wants control issues?
She'll have them on MY terms. :-)
Dad has my back.

James is out cleaning the garage of all
that dear old Tank 
- our friend's dog that we are sitting -
ripped up and had strewn everywhere.
James got a remote control helicopter for Christmas.
It's all fine and dandy
until the battery needs to be recharged and then he blows a gasket.
We keep putting it up for a few days. . .
Today he made a contract to keep his cool,
but easier said than done.
He was waiting patiently by all appearances, 
but I was concerned about the standing around wasting
time waiting and I gave him a small task
to do which required a little paintbrush
and he needed to go find one in his room.
THIS was NOT in his plans.
This was messing with his hyper-focus 
and intent to get back to the helicopter.
And so, meeting his sister in the hall
as she was bringing out her box of crayons
for her project,
he violently pushed her and caused her to lose her crayons everywhere.
This was no accident.
(Funny thing. She only says, "JAMES!" and that's it.
she bends down and picks up her crayons without
retaliation. For all that we deal with,
I can say she rarely fights him back.)

I asked him to please go outside to cool off,
as he was quickly escalating,
but he hit the ceiling screaming hysterically ...
and so *I* played with the helicopter when it was charged.
(and I'm such a lousy pilot!)

We are back to calm for the moment.
If I only knew what their secret is.
Steve and I have spent a fair amount of time on our knees...
We know they can be pleasant and happy 
and they can be patient.

The girls are home. 
They've been talking all morning!
GYC was good for them!


ManyBlessings said...

Interesting. We have put a ban on all battery toys for our little guy. He sounds like James in that he literally can't handle it when the batteries run out.

I am hoping some day he might be able to, but for now there is a toy "ban" in our house. :)

Mama D.'s Dozen said...

We, too, have had a couple of TOUGH weeks with control issues ... or, out-of-control issues, as the case may be.

Our Little Miss has been yelling, screaming, kicking, hitting, (and those are just the things she does to mama).

So hard. So sad.