Sunday, January 29, 2012

Just Have to Say

that I am very proud of how the kiddos have been handling themselves.

Yesterday was like a test.... a long enjoyable day with friends,  church, fellowship, good food, fun games and a late bedtime. They did great! But what is even better is how they are doing today. After all that I sort of expected the grumpies to come out. Well, I more than sort of expected it, I planned for it. However, they are doing very well. Missy was really upset about something for a few minutes and I thought, "okay, here we go...." but she took some time to get herself together and both kids are happy.

I've been noticing a trend towards greater lengths of peace and contentment that lasts longer and longer and I'm praising the Lord for this.

I know that there will be trials.

I know that James will struggle with transitions and with putting forth his best energies when things take work. I know he will shut down on me and I will have to go through the steps to get his brain back in gear. I know he will wet his pants nearly every time he plays outside.

I know that Missy will have a melt down and possibly a tantrum when she gets anxious and the blow up may be over something insignificant. I know she will play control games sometimes... I know she will be whiny when she is tired. I know that when she is bored she is trouble.

I know that.

Being prepared and having a clear plan is key to stopping the downward spirals that are so detrimental to their mental health.

They know they are loved.
They know the boundaries.
They know they don't like being out of control.

They know they are pretty powerless to pull out of downward spin

~  and that scares them.

Frankly, when I don't have an emergency plan that works in a crisis moment it scares me.
All of us reacting and responding out of fear creates chaos.

Sometimes the plan doesn't work. Or it doesn't work anymore. And plan B must be put into place... or plan X,Y, and Z must be thought up.

Ever looking to the ONE who knows them best is crucial.
Praise is indispensable.
Refocusing the mind is vital.
Getting a plan from God is essential.

Psalm 34 encompasses all of these....

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Christella said...

Your blog is so interesting.. and real to read. There are ones in my sister's family with struggles like your adopted children have. God bless you in your amazing work of raising them for Him.
And yes, Psalm 34 is amazing. It has been the psalm that I have sung and claimed so many times through the years, even as a little girl. It is so comforting and cheering. I love it.