Tuesday, November 23, 2010

You Decide

What a day!!!

We've been dumped on and the roads are interesting. I lost track of time trying to get the kids up and going this morning. You have no idea how much prayer and energy goes into having a smooth morning with no explosions and disobedience. The kids wake up combative and telling them to get a grip doesn't help :-) I pray and call for the heart, pray and talk, pray and remind them of their Bible verses, pray and require obedience, pray and call for the heart... It's work. And then I look up and see that it is 8:58 and we were suppose to be at the dentist in 2 minutes a mere 30 minute drive from here and the kids hadn't even eaten breakfast yet! I wrestled with the car.... the piles of snow all over it, the ice on the windshield, the frozen shut doors... Told the kiddos, "no you cannot wear shoes - it's wintertime and you have to wear your boots" only to find Miss Moo up to her ankles in snow in the very shoes I specifically told her not to wear....

Buster's teeth are fine, but his mouth is full of canker sores.  (I looked in Missy's mouth and she has them, too. Clearly we are doing something wrong around here.) He came out with a trove of treasures.... a balloon, ball, new toothbrush, etc... Which was a tad annoying to his twin, but she handled it ... mostly by being in my face. Anyway, she kept asking after speech "where are We going? " This is her way of saying, "I want to go somewhere and I want to go somewhere special that Buster didn't get to go!!" I just looked at her and said, "I don't know, I haven't decided yet. Where do you want to go?"

This kid loves to be in control. She loves to boss everybody around. In fact, so much so, that she gets up out of bed and goes from room to room telling people to "get up and make your bed and  wear this, and don't come out of your room until it's all done, etc...."  every morning, and I expected she would have capitalized on being given free reign on suggesting our next hour's adventure.

She got a huge grin. Thought for a second and  then said, "You decide mommy."


Did I hear right?

She actually gave up an opportunity to have a say-so? WOW! I was stunned. I'm still stunned. So, we went to the health food store for her favorite soy yogurt.

We're home and now the kids are going out sledding. They should last about three and half minutes in the freezing cold.


Oldqueen44 said...

Little rays of sunshine.

Mama in Uganda said...

Could the cancer sores be "anxiety" induced?

Plus, their little bodies are going through a detox, so to speak.

Just a few ideas--I do not believe it has anything to do with what you are or are not doing.

Our daughter vomited for the first 6 months of being home. He body was such a mess.

Love and prayers,