Friday, November 12, 2010

A Blessing

My husband is pretty happy. He's been working very diligently with a family and we have all been praying for them. It's a large extended family and they have had a lot of questions about the Bible. Their background was ritualistic and they had never met Christ personally. They studied with a few different churches but were not satisfied. A new family member entered the picture last week and last night she asked for baptism, a baby dedication and a Christian wedding!

Wow!! We really, really have to get that church building finished! So many good things are happening.

PS! Missy did another of those sequencing charts of the chicken's life cycle this morning. She did it perfectly. She did not whine. She was slightly tempted to put one in the wrong place... but I walked away and she chose to do the right thing. Near the finish of her project she went and took a look at the ones on the fridge, just to be sure, which was totally fine with me. I want her to learn the little skills that we all use to help us remember  how to do things.  Checking her work, looking back to what she has learned, even asking questions, is okay. Whining, refusing, deliberately doing wrong, having a tantrum, lying, manipulating,  these are the things that destroy us.

Someone gave me a verse this morning. I LOVE it. I have not figured out what version it is, yet. Maybe it's a personalized paraphrase. The meaning is clear and the Bible is true.

The good you know you ought to do and you don't, its sin."  James 4:17

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Mama in Uganda said...


Awesome. You knew, she knew and I knew she could do it.

Yes, it is a personal paraphrase--but one that does not divert from the truth or change the meaning.

The NIV reads this way,

"Any one then, who knows the good he ought to do and doesn't, its sin."


Blessings from the North,