Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Keep 'Em Busy

 We got through this morning and
even arrived at speech less than 15 minutes late.
Missy decided it was in her best interest to obey and
get dressed rather than arrive at speech in pajamas.
I had to stand up to the therapist and tell her that no,
Missy was not going first as she had expected and had prepared for. 
Missy was NOT ready. 
The therapist was then ready to just cancel and I said no.
This wasn't our usual therapist, so whatever.
Missy would have never have guessed that
she was going hiking in the city on flat ground,
but she was still in a stand-off attitude with me
and I didn't think it was right to let her proceed in such a state.
She fussed and cried and stomped her feet,
but we walked for nearly an hour and by the end the ice was melting.

I gave the kids a job in hopes that they could keep
busy and happy while I prepared lunch. 
They liked enough to decide to go out and do it again after lunch,
Missy was caught telling TALL TALES to her brother about the exciting things she did in speech as opposed to him. Total lie. I asked if she would like me to confirm her story with the therapist and she backed down from her story.

So Buster's out having fun and Missy and I are thinking about what truth means.

Thanks to each of you for the words of encouragement and prayers!

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J. said...

hang in there. I know that it is hard and exhausting and hopless at times but it gets better, really it does. It takes a long time, years in fact, but it does get better and better with each passing day of routine, rules and love.