Sunday, November 14, 2010

Up and Coming Preacher?

So, Missy's chosen to have a hard day... but it's getting better by the minute. She intrigued by the video of a little 4 year old who asked her dad for a pulpit for her 4th birthday and he, not sure what to make of it, made her a cute little wooden pulpit. He set up the video camera and the little girl stood by her pulpit, prayed, sang and preached then knelt and prayed. It was amazing. This little girl has memorized a lot of scripture and it came through. She must have been watching her daddy preach. Too cute!

Several days in a row Missy asked to see the video again.

Today she's had to spend some time in her room thinking about obedience and telling the truth, etc... and she's been caught "preaching" by her desk. She's telling the invisible inhabitants of her room that "Children must obey their parents in the Lord, for this is right." In between times she sings and prays.

It's a good sign. She's an unlikely candidate for a preacher given her speech issues, but God can use all kinds. And maybe, just maybe the Lord will use her own preaching to speak to her heart.


Jenny said...

I had to laugh because that verse has been written and repeated many times in this house in the last few weeks!

La Tea Dah said...

Sweet! The Holy Spirit is working, PTL.

Karen said...

That is the verse I had Sarah write today 5 times... make it go from paper to your head to your heart!! I hope :)