Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Today's Verse

Good understanding gains favor;
but the way of the transgressor
is hard.

Proverbs 13:15

We are putting their little brains to work.  They have a lot of memorizing to do.

Buster had the awesome experience of showing understanding and gaining favor yesterday. He was a very happy boy enjoying the fruits of his pleasant behavior.
Missy is a true example of living the hard life. 
She could be so happy. 
She could enjoy so much, 
but she has chosen to be unhappy and miserable.
Last night she saw it  when her brother gained a blessing 
she could not partake of and this morning she chose to be happy. 
Amazing how simply the power of the will works.
So far she's enjoying her day.
 {consequently, so is everyone else!}


GB's Mom said...

What good news!

Mama in Uganda said...

Obedience bring blessing.

Sin {disobedience} brings nothing good.

Wow, it does seem that Buster and Missy's little bodies need a serious "detox."

Praying for you.

Hoping to email more soon.

Had a rough evening with our E.

My husband is improving, however!