Tuesday, November 9, 2010

We're Home

from opposite yonder city for the kids appointment.

Missy has glasses.

They are cute on her and she's mighty pleased. She looks scholarly. (Just know that looks can be deceiving :)

They are not to help her see... they are binary lenses for retraining the brain.

Her progress in opening up her peripheral vision and increased speech is phenomenal. The results of today's test was exciting. She chose a new color for her light therapy. It's a dark purple/red. It's suppose to do something different for her brain than the last one.

Buster's improvement was minor. In fact, it wasn't enough to allow him to get new glasses with the prisms. I see why I was able to put a finger on all of Missy's new accomplishments and couldn't see the difference in her brother. He chose a blue filter for his light. It might take him quite awhile to respond to the treatment.

A new PT exercise was added to the regime.  (Okay - what regime? Unconscionable behavior kind of throws the regime out the window,  as one can imagine.)

The greatest blessing of today was

drum roll please....

Missy's behavior.

Yup! A perfect doll.

She woke up. Did her lights and music therapy, made her bed, got dressed, ate nicely, used the bathroom and took care of all her little jobs in there and jumped in the car without ONE altercation! Amazing!  I don't even mind her telling me over and over again what a good girl she is today. She's been helping in the kitchen scrubbing veggies for soup.

I'm thanking the Lord and praying for another day just like today tomorrow.

Oh, and for a bit of news from around Harmony Hollow:

We had a killer frost last night.
That's the end of my tomatoes and peppers.
I noticed a lot of leaves fell off the trees last night.
We came home from yonder opposite city to snow.
I guess that's the end of our LOVELY fall weather,
AND our enjoyable sunny hikes on the mountain for this season.

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La Tea Dah said...

You deserve the blessing of a day like this...