Friday, November 19, 2010

Took the Day Off

Well, sort of. I did some running around town and left the twins with Steve to deal with. Ah, yes!! I needed that. I laid awake a good portion of the night praying for the kids and for us to know how to deal with them. A few hours of screaming in a day gives me a disturbed feeling all over. I get sick to my stomach and I can't get away from the echo of the screams in my ears. I get to second guessing everything, because it appears nothing is working. So is it me or them or is it normal to feel so yuck after such a traumatic event?  I knew I had done my best and I knew that I had held my ground and both children were fighting for nonsense sake. There was no rhyme or reason to their shenanigans and even though we got through safely, I still was perturbed by the insanity of it.

Steve's plan was to drag the twins outside with him to  get working on the water tank first thing in the morning. I came home after 11 AM and he was just finishing morning chores with them and breakfast dishes. He hadn't even combed his hair yet. Should I have been surprised? LOL! It takes me all day to get anything done. I sent the kids - and Christina out to help him carry gravel in their little buckets and Brianna and I puttered around in the kitchen. Bri had picked the last of the beets and carrots and leeks in her garden so I made Borscht amongst other necessary type of foods ... Brianna made a fancy cornucopia from bread dough and a bunch of little tiny pumpkin pies, and other fanciful eatables.  I  did make gluten free brownies for the twins that were as good as any other brownie I've ever eaten.  They've been pretty good about not complaining if they can't eat something, but I'm taking the time to make sure they have an alternative.

The twins were outside working beside dad all day and it kept them out of trouble for the most part. There were no major upheavals, anyway. Buster's quite embarrassed about yesterday's antics and very, very ashamed of the tiny visible reminder that he bit me.

Our mother cat is struggling to feed her kittens. We are now hand feeding them goats milk. One kitten in particular is sick and dehydrated and her eyes are goopy. I was worried it might not live, but it started to revive and warm up after the goats milk. My plan was to feed it every two hours, but it's been more than three hours and it won't take a second feeding. I don't know.....

Buster started to have a melt down before the company arrived, but Steve gave him some juice and talked him through it. He thought he might be especially hungry and tired since he really got into the running up and down the hill with his pail this afternoon. I bribed him to use the toilet with a fresh-out-of-the-oven brownie and all was right in his world again. Bed was a little late, so morning might be rough.

We had company tonight for soup and worship. It was good.

The snow is softly falling. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Sabbath comes early these early sunset Friday nights... It's a challenge to be prepared and ready to meet it by 4:30, but we were. I'm grateful for the Sabbath rest. My work in regards to the twins doesn't get set aside for Sabbath, but it's a family day and we are together, so it's mom and dad together and that makes a difference.

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