Monday, November 8, 2010

Beyond Crazy

It took her more than three hours to get breakfast this morning. She refused to make her bed (no surprise), she refused to get dressed (there again, no surprise), she took a half an hour to drink her water, she would only sit and screech at me about wanting to eat NOW! Sure thing, kiddo, you can eat all you want - soon as you do what everybody else in the house was required to do before breakfast.


I videoed it.

The girls and I talked and laughed as though nothing in the world was going on. I forwarned everybody that today was going to be like this and that none of them were to respond to her in any shape or form. Our code word to remind each other is "Speak Spanish!"  Oh, yeah, if ONLY we could.

After a couple of  hours of yelling at me at the table she went and made her bed and got dressed, but then she continued yelling at me and demanding I give her beans and ice-cream right now.

I went crazy and started singing and dancing around her bed. I was singing "I love you, I love you! I'll play any game you like, but you'll never get what you want so long  as you are yelling at me. Ask nicely and be polite. Be sweet 'cause I LOVE you! You can throw yourself on the floor and scream, you can kick your legs and throw a fit, but I'll never let you down, 'cause I love you, I love you...."  and on and on and on.... I thought I would collapse from the sheer exertion of dancing. Really, my parents should have given me dancing lessons (just kidding!!!)

An hour later she sat up and asked sweetly if she could eat. I took her in my arms and fed her like a baby.

Now she refuses to talk to me because babies can't talk.

GREAT! She on the toilet but she won't tell me if she's done and she won't get off herself because she's a baby.


I know the Lord is not dead.
I know He'll come through.
I just feel like demanding like her that I want the solution NOW!  But of course, the Lord loves me too much to let me get my way in my way. He won't let me down.


GB's Mom said...

Hang tough!

Anonymous said...

I've never seen you dance, Ange. It must be a sight. dad

Mama in Uganda said...

I understand.

I would love to be in touch via email.

Please feel free to contact me,

Hugs from a mama who understands,

La Tea Dah said...

You have the patience of the saints, Angela. Unconditional love is so challenging to exhibit during times like this, but you are steadfast. We represent God to our children --- kind of like a sermon in shoes. Can you imagine how God feels about all of us here on Earth as he looks down from heaven? Each of us is a rebel, but His love is never-failing. May He wrap you in His love and encourage you each moment of every day!

Eventually your darling daughter will comply --- but the wait is --- exhausting! Hang in there!