Thursday, November 11, 2010


My dad called about the time I pressed send on that last post, so I sent Missy to her room to reconsider her attitude. Dad had no answers for me. He thinks this is all very entertaining reading, but I know he prays for us all the time. At times I have really, really considered shutting down this blog and just going back to writing happy, fun stuff on the old blog like I used to. Dad says, "Then what would we do? I'd have to go back to listening to the radio, or something!"

You might be better off.

But then I would have no one to ask for help and ideas from people who have been there.

So, anyway, after a long while I  found Missy singing and pretending to read her Bible. I asked her if she was ready to do a good job now. She said yes. We prayed together and we went over the steps again. She told me exactly what to do and how to do it.

She went off to do it and she was fast.... but she couldn't resist putting them out of order. I said, "This isn't quite right, do you think?" She said, "No, this one goes here and that one goes there."

Okay, then fix them.

Now go do another one and do it right this time.

Same scenario.

She's tough, isn't she!

Third try she did it right and was happy.

Then she asked for ice-cream.

I had offered ice-cream way at the beginning when she was saying it was too hard if she would try without a big fuss. Too late, my dear. Tomorrow you will do the same page again and if you do it with a willing attitude then you may have some soy ice-cream.

We posted the paper on the fridge for all to see.

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Dee said...

oh don't delete the is real, and the internet is full of happy blogs that don't show what real life struggle is. We are learning so much from your progress and failures with the twins. We learn even more by your dependence on Christ to see you through and the real Christian walk is about. We do also pray, and I have found myself many times praying for Missy and Buster to let go and learn to love. And for God to give you the strength to see it through. Just think about how much they will enjoy this when they are older and well-behaved. They will see that it took the love of Christ to see you and your family through, but more than that, that you loved them enough to think that they were worth the journey that you have taken.

Much love in Christ!!!! Be encouraged!!!

Dee (in sunny FL)