Thursday, May 31, 2012


Yesterday we had to show absolute tough love.

This morning we have a different kid. She dressed, did her chores and came to breakfast. She was full of syrupy words; "I love you mom!",  "Have a good day!", "I will obey".... She gave hugs and was out the door on time. I was able to make her a lunch, so today she gets to eat with her classmates before coming home. I even had her favorite treat on hand to put in her lunch.

She was also wondering, since she was obeying if she could have dessert for breakfast. And if not for breakfast could she secure a promise of dessert for lunch? And then supper? LOL

 I believe she realized that she was "biting the hand that feeds her". All special privileges were suspended and she felt it. Some things can be reinstated immediately upon cooperation, some things have to be earned back. When you destroy the trust, one must rebuild from the bottom up.

This is not to say the trial is over. Only she decided to do something different this morning. If she likes how it goes she might stick with it, if we cross her will at any point she could go scuttling right back to where she came from. Basically, I'm holding my breath.

The verse we are considering as the children weigh their choices this morning is Psalm 40:8.
 I Delight to do THY will, Oh my God; 
yea Thy law is within my heart.

Then we sing the little song that goes with it. When we use verses and ask them to repeat them with us, sometimes it is cause for a battle, but regardless, it seems to help sometimes by putting new thoughts in their minds. Above all I believe there is power in the Word of God. For James sometimes it is enough to turn him around, but sometimes we have to stick with one verse for a long time. I pray eventually they will be thankful for the little store of learned and applied scriptures.

And here is picture of my nephew in the news:

the photo was taken by Ian Stewart / Yukon News

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