Friday, May 11, 2012

New Baby!

Thank you so much for the prayers. Felt incredible peace about the decisions that took place over the course of the morning!

The little Buddy's newborn baby brother will join our family on Monday for a minimum of 30 days. Good things are taking place in the family. The baby is healthier than expected, but will need some special care. I'm busy getting my ducks in a row.

I have a big children's choir concert this evening. Went to a special adoption this morning. Attended Missy's big mother's day program at school. Spent two hours in a CPS meeting. Had social worker visit.... Plus

- So much for getting my two hundred tomato plants put out in the garden this afternoon.


rachel said...

congratulations! exciting times for your family!

Sophie said...

so excited.

Oldqueen44 said...

Yes you are crazy...but it will be worth it.
Oh yea, and especially with girls getting ready to leave.

Anonymous said...

The girls getting ready to leave AND the family from Africa coming for a visit.... :) Antionette.

Sean and Lisa said...

God has it all under control even when we feel like we don't. LOL!
Blessings and lots of cuddles you have to look forward to. :)
Much love!

Anonymous said...

A baby to nurture. What could be better. Your love and attention will help this new one thrive!

Diane said...

Wow! Congratulations! You will do fine and the baby will be in wonderful hands.

Jen said...

How very exciting! We got a placement of a 3 month old at 3 this ducks were no where near in a row;) Hope and pray everything goes well.