Monday, May 14, 2012

A Whole Hour Late / Pictures of Homestead Projects

The grief has begun and the baby isn't even here, yet.  She didn't even clue in that we were getting a baby until yesterday. That's really weird because Miss -hypervigilence does not like surprises and makes sure she keeps abreast of everything going on. We weren't trying to keep it a secret or anything. In fact, we were given a nice load of newborn baby things, and somehow it never dawned on her that they were not for Buddy.

Missy was a whole hour late to school this morning.

She is SO crabby this morning. Not nice or cooperative at all. I found myself being caught in the snare of cajoling Missy into doing what is expected every day and it was like, "oh, wooops! I sure fell into that trap!!"

Then I told her we were not starting the day right and we had to re-do. I put her back in pjs and back into bed. She was ugly about it. There were nasty words and wailing and nashing of teeth.

I took James to school.

It was exactly what I needed.

I needed to pull away from the situation because I was feeling very reactive and a little nauseated because it was quite upsetting me.

As I got into the van with Buddy and James I noticed that Christina had started it for me and the cd was just starting at the 11th song.

MY SONG right now.

The very song I needed to hear at the second. And I breathed a sigh knowing God had cued that cd up for me. I'll only type the words that were applicable to me:

When you feel that the enemy's come in a like a flood
And you don't know what to do
You feel such despair, your heart's breaking in two
. . . .

There is an answer my friend
there's peace that will never end.
Jesus will comfort you
Surrender to Him

Now I know you've been battered and bruised from the fight
and you feel there's no way you can win
But the battle's not yours and the battle's not mine
How we need to give it to HIM.

He is my rock and my strength
I will wait upon HIM
He is my refuge my God
I'll trust ever in HIM

Yes, He is the answer my friend
His love - it will never end
Jesus will see you through
Surrender to HIM
Ralph Henderson

I came home and we started over  right from scratch.... and she got to school ONLY one hour late.
I am very relieved she got there because it will help to turn the attitude around. It is important that she is successful in as many things as possible. Steve and I believe she carries a lot of shame for the way she behaves.

There has been a LOT going on here... I'll share a few pics to give you and idea of all the spring projects happening.

 Steve rented a backhoe to help him put in the new water tank.
James was in 7th Heaven!!

The next step to the porch work was completed.
 But we are dealing with this...
We managed to plant 145 tomatoes in the market garden
But we still have a lot of this:
Actually, people have been giving donations
towards Christina's trip to Hungary in exchange for plants.
She has been my right-hand-man working very hard for me and
this is one of the ways for her to raise money for the trip without getting a job
away from home (since she's only 14).

The garden is doing well.
I've been making daily green drinks straight from the garden.
Just how healthy can one get?

The chickens are growing well!
We did lose one.
A bunch of kids ran through the enclosure we had them in and stepped on one.

Can you find Waldo?
They think nothing of trespassing!
There's one duck less, too.
They have a story all of their own... a story of foster care and attachment issues.
We'll save it for another day.

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